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Why is it the tool you need is the only one you can't find?

Looks like some HF jack stands are being recalled:


Its funny you mention this @texases, I literally just got off the phone with a friend telling me his hair raising experience with this product and to warn me to steer very clear.


There are some videos on the net showing how the failure occurs… Looks to me like the lock teeth barely enmesh with the vertical support that goes up and down on the stand. Cant be sure but thats how one video made me think about it. That and crappy metal of course…

They might still be good for hammers.

Well gee, free returns. What more do you want? I do need to make a HF run though as soon as the Gov lets me out of my house.

Shirley you jest!

Yeah I have a drinking problem too. Spilled coffee all over my sweat shirt.

White is off of my acceptable wardrobe colors.

I had 2 of them and I have enough problems hiding things from myself!

And they always seem to be hiding in the last place I look :wink:

Found my lost paint scraper yesterday, screwed on the end of a pole hiding with the garden tools. Now I have 2 good ones, and the crappy one I had to use last time and bought a new good one. Now I know where my 2 good paint scrapers are, not missing the crappy one.

I have the same problem and as I tell my self should have looked there first.

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And for me many times it was also the first place I looked, but never saw it.

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Why does the toast always fall jelly down?


I don’t know but the dog don’t care jelly side up or down it is history.

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Depends on what the bread is! We’ve got three dogs and I’ve gotten pretty quick diving on the floor in the scrum and coming out successful !

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I have two dog’s and it make’s no difference what kind of food hit’s the floor I am not going to try to get to it first I like to keep my finger’s in one piece.

I was looking for my angle gauge today but I got smart and looked in the place I looked at last for the last tool I couldn’t find, and there it was. We may not always put everything away but we can learn to be more effective in our looking.

I have learned that I find it faster if I can remember the last place I used it.

Then there was the time I couldn’t find my Actron scanner. I really like it so I was so mad at myself for losing it. I would spend 5 minutes everytime I went to the garage looking for it. A couple of months went by and a guy from church walked up and handed it to me. I lent it to him and forgot about it.

The jelly side is heavier, just as the heads side of most coins is heavier. I wonder if anyone has attempted a very large number of coin flips todetermine if tails is a better bet?