Why is it the end of the world when a womans car breaks down?

Yes I went there. A couple of weeks ago my wifes 2003 impala threw a 303 check engine code. Soon followed that “my car is going to break down” “I might get stranded on the side of the road” and so on. So me and a friend repalaced the plugs and wires for about 60 bucks compared to Pepboys wanting 270 for the same work. So everything went well until friday when her car misfired again. With myself only having some mechanical backround we took it to a family mechanic and he replaced the defective coil pack. Problem is now fixed but why do woman act like the end of the world when their car is not running right or breaking down? Just so the men know my wife is starring at me burning my neck in the process as I write this!

For many years my wife commuted 20 miles to work and back in all sorts of weather. She carried booster cables, a shovel, a AAA membership and a cellphone. For many of these years I was overseas, and not available to help her out.

Only once did the car not start, being parked outside at work. She called the AAA and had them start it and was on her way.

Today’s cars are so complex that neither men or women can do a lot to get them going. So, good maintenance, a few emergency tools, a motorclub memberhip and a cellphone work best.

Not only is the end of the world; IT’S MY FAULT.

The fear that they may be stranded?

More men think I can fix this or its not that big of a problem because they know more about cars than women, yes some women know but % wise men know more.
Its human nature to think the worst on things you know little about.
Point car will not start, man will think maybe battery cable is loose. Women thinks my friend marthas car would not start and she had to pay $3000 to replace motor.

In our society with all the sociopathic weirdos on the loose it is a dangeroius situation to be a lone female broken down at the side of the road. Especially at night.

I recently had my "check engine’ light illuminate. Even being an experienced mechanic with much OBDII experience I dreaded what it could mean. I ran the possibilites through my mind (I hope its the gas cap, that would be nice), then it turned into, OK random misfire I can deal with but could be expensive. Then it turned into "What if its the dreaded "catalyst efficency to low, Oh no. Then I thought the worst, a evap code that I had no chance of fixing at home. My point is men stress out on car problems also.

My code turned out to be P0174, bank 2 too lean. Cleaned the MAF, put a new air filter in, cleared the code, 400 miles and no code return.

Maybe because women are still told that they can’t do things like change a tyre. They have been told it so many times that they believe it and teach their daughters the same thing.

We not only harm the person we miss-inform, but but ourselves. Don’t do this to your daughters, sisters or wife.

Consider the fact that there are VERY FEW sociopathic weirdos out there, but there are hundreds of fictional ones on TV every month. It’s an irrational fear at best.

The “check engine light” would be better named the “check emissions light”. Of course the new car dealers like scared customers to come in for an $80 scan that Autozone will do for free.

To me it’s the end of the world when my car breaks down–and I’m a guy, albeit one who knows little about the mechanical workings of cars. I either need to get to work, need to go shopping and then go home after work before I starve to death, need to go to a scrabble tournament, need to get home from a scrabble tournament when it’s already late, on my way to a date, on a date . . . . Cars rarely fail at convenient times and places. And if my car is not running right or has a check engine light on, I want someone to figure out what it is and fix it before one of the above-mentioned situations occurs. In short, my sympathies are with your spouse, for reasons that have very little to do with gender.

Shall I be brutally frank?

Maybe they want to choose their sexual partners when they are not stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car that doesn’t move.

Here in AZ you take your chances that the woman is “packing” if you wish to indulge in this sort of “dating”. I like it that criminals must consider that their victims could be armed. Some of you from “no carry” States are left to fight with ball point pens and fingernails. This is the idea behind “States Rights”, if you don’t like how it is in your State you are free to move on to one that allows you to carry a weapon.

When women get screwed, they ALWAYS reserve the right to control the process from beginning to end…But when their car breaks down, they suspect they are about to get screwed in a manner completely outside their normal means of control. They are defenseless and they know it and they don’t like it and will avoid it at all costs…

I hope this answers the OP’s question…

Toyota or Honda.

Men and women are what they are, and those who waste time trying to change one or the other are going to have a miserable life.

Men are more openly s******y aggressive, and I told my daughter not to hate men for that, but it is not normal for men to abandon their woman with child, etc.

Women are normally insecure, so it is normal for women to seek a man who will provide security for them. It is not normal for a woman to be a gold-digger; divorce him and toss him out of his own house and make him work for her the next 50 years.

Let me repeat. Women are inherently insecure. A study a few years ago showed that women who make $100,000 a year and up, sometimes lie awake nights, can’t sleep, worrying what will happen if they lose their job.

So, trust me, since they don’t know what those codes mean, it is the basic nature of women (not all women, of course, just most) to be frightened silly with worry about what it all means.

Understand it; and don’t let it worry you, and don’t crucify insecure women in your life. It is just how they are.

So, why not buy her, or have her buy for herself, a cheap cell phone for 911 calls?

And, if you are in a carry state, get her out to NRA classes, and have her pack some heat, assuming she is emotionally stable to take responsibility for heat (most women are.) Heh, heh.

Women by nature want predictabilty and security in there lives. This is why they make saner decisions over men.

As soon as they lose that predictabilty or security in any aspect of their lives, it’s a major issue. Normal.


I agree that women want predictability and security in their lives. When I was growing up, we had a 1949 Dodge that always seemed to be having something go wrong. One problem that our independent mechanic couldn’t solve was that the distrbutor cap would occasionally blow off the distributor. My mother figured out how to put the cap back on, but she didn’t like having to get out, open the hood and replace the distributor cap. (The problem turned out to be a bad diaphragm on the vacuum advance which would allow gasoline fumes from the caruburetor to collect in the distributor when the car was stopped and then sometimes ignite when the engine was started). After this problem and several other problems, my mother insisted that the Dodge needed to go. Fast forward to the present–my wife insisted that we put Michelin tires on our 2003 Toyota 4Runner. We had two blowouts on the interstate with the original Dunlop tires. I agreed because I wanted her to have confidence in the 4Runner.

One other important consideration for women and cars is the confidence the women have in the mechanics that service the car. When I was growing up, the Dodge dealer had not installed the ignition points correctly and the car stopped and had to be towed back to the dealer. While my mother was waiting for the service department to redo their work, a salesman tried to interest her in a new Dodge. She told the salesman that she didn’t think she wanted another Dodge because the service department didn’t seem to keep them running reliably. At the present time we have an independent shop that does our work. My wife has complete confidence (as do I) in the service we receive at this shop. After the problems we had on warranty service on the 4Runner from the Toyota dealer, my wife won’t let them touch the car.

     Yep, I'd have to agree with that oldschool! It's the same as when those mutts are thinking about breaking into a house. If they want to break into my house, they better come prepared to BLEED A LOT, from a gapeing chest wound. ha ha ;-) 
  Re to srusenik:

Women are just more sensitive to auto problems because they don’t have any understanding of mechanical stuff. I would compare it to a man trying to make a dress from scratch, on a sewing machine WITHOUT any instructions.

If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been turning wrenches for about 40 years and have been with my better half a shade over 36 of those years and I absolutely hate to discuss any car repair with her.

No matter the car issue and no matter how simply I explain the hows and whys behind it she simply cannot and will not grasp it and at times will even argue the point; and this on a subject of which she knows right around zero.
I’ve even told her a number of times that if she were a non-related customer in a shop I ran she would be shown the door PDQ.

It’s evolutionary so I’d just abandon all hope. I’m sure somewhere there are cave paintings from millions of years ago showing some Cro-Magnon’s better half whaling on him because the stone wheel isn’t round enough.

Just to add fuel to the topic, this last weekend my wife has noticed that the rear wheel on her car-avan is squeaking. Request is for a newer car, since this one might be on the way out. How do you logically get from that point A to this point B is beyond me.
So far I have promised to jack it up and see where the noise is from, car is due for a wash and wax too-it works.