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Be a man, part 2

It’s necessary but not sufficient that you help damsels in distress. How would YOU like it if your wife had been stuck in the center divider of a California freeway for FOUR HOURS when she ran out of gas, and nobody would stop and help out?

And she had her small baby with her to boot. It’s not like she could dart across four lanes of speeding traffic, holding a 5 month old child.

But what about that brake light in the middle of your rear window or trunk? What about that? Well it’s there so the knucklehead behind you will STOP faster. See, tests showed that a third brake light cuts down on rear-end accidents, which sort of makes you less likely to get whiplash and stuff like that.

I got so tired of writing “BRAKE LIGHT OUT” in big letters on note pads that I printed up one about 10 inches across on posterboard.

Start out with 72 point font on PAINT and

just increase the size of it to fill the paper you use. Simple.

ALL UPPER CASE is easiest to see.

BRAKE LIGHT OUT is on one side of my sign and

TIRE LOW is on the other.

I use that sign several times a day.

Just honk your horn to get the brake light outee’s attention and flash him the sign.

Some people are so hard of thinking that they will immediately look at their dashboard. HELLO! Your brake lights are not on the dashboard. No, they’re in the back.

Incidentally, you will see not a few cars with TWO brake lights out, even the main ones, right and left. On rare occasions, they have NO brake lights operating.

You don’t want to rear-end these folks, so give them a break. Hold up your sign as you pull up even with them.

AND, lots of flat tires have resulted in traffic fatalities. Nuts to those!

You may prevent a serious accident.


Okay, Bozo, so I slide to a halt to help a woman who claims the right to drive a car anywhere she wants, but doesn’t know how to read a gas gauge.

And, suppose I get killed, it happens. Okay, you say I was a real man by your standards.

So, who is going to take care of my wife who has never learned to drive? I am confident it won’t be you.

She must not have seen my sign HELLO women with kids should always fill up when gas gets below half a tank.

I refuse to take my attention away from driving long enough to hold up a sign. Besides, it isn’t my job to help you maintain other people’s cars. Nor is it my job to be a vigilante.

If I have a chance, I will pull up next to a vehicle to tell the driver that he or she should fix the brake lights. However, I won’t compromise my safety and the safety of others by dividing my attention while driving.

Buy your wife a reliable car and maintain it properly. You will significantly reduce the odds of her needing roadside assistance. If you are still paranoid, buy her a AAA membership and a cell phone. Now she won’t have to rely on the kindness of strangers, and will be much safer if something happens.

This sure sounds like a troll to me. What women in California does not have a cell phone?

I agree, it sounds like a troll. Where on the California freeway system would someone be stranded for 4 hours without a CHP coming by? Maybe out in the desert somewhere, but then the traffic isn’t an issue.

And where does this guy drive that he sees failed brake lights and flat tires every day? I see very few of these anymore. 30 or 40 years ago, sure, but not so much these days.

If this isn’t a Troll . . . yes, Bozo . . . I would, will and do stop for folks in distress. If this is a Troll . . . please spend your time elsewhere. In either case, you’re in a car forum which (hopes) to discuss car repair and maintenance, so please move on. Best regards, Rocketman

If you run out of gas on the freeway in Minnesota, the highway patrol will pull over and remove a gallon can of gas from their trunk and put it in your vehicle. And then they procede to write you a ticket for running out of gas on the freeway. This is considered an avoidable dangerous situation, and it’s your responsibility not to run out of gas on the freeway that causes this dangerous situation. And it really gets their ire when there are children in the vehicle.


“I’ll bet you voted for Barack Oblammy too, didn’t you”

I wonder if the other Republicans on this forum are proud of this guy?

FWIW, I’m a moderate democrat who admired true conservatives like Barry Goldwater, so save your vinegar Bozo.

“And then they procede to write you a ticket for running out of gas on the freeway.”

How does THAT improve the situation??

I doubt you’ll run out of gas on the freeway again!


Bozo, in case you didn’t read the terms of service, hate speech will be quickly flagged as inappropriate and removed from view.

If you were a real man, you would debate the merits of your argument without acting like a child.

And if you would teach your wife how to read a fuel gauge…

Yep, she should have got a ticket for running out of gas.

But, also both the husband and she, unless he was on active duty in the Middle East, should have been arrested for negligent endangerment of a child, and that kid should have been put in a foster home until they took parenting classes.

As others have pointed out, empty gas tanks do not happen without warning.

And, it’s not only her fault. If he spent less time doing a poor imitation of Don Quixote, no, wait a minute, he was doing an excellent imitation of Don Quixote, he would have been out there every day checking out her car, and keeping the tank full for her. Women with small babies do have a lot on their mind, especially when the husband dumps all child care on her.

I asked my daughter when she buys gas. She said when it gets down to half, because she DOESN’T WANT TO RUN OUT OF GAS. Being a Real Man like most of you here except Bozo, I took the time to teach her well.

I suspect that wife didn’t even know to get out and put up the hood, to let people know she had a problem.

Don’t blame Republicans for Bozo. That is as inappropriate for this forum as his postings.

Forgot to mention. Apparently, this highway was a very crowded, dangerous highway, yes? Yet, did everyone spot the fact that she was driving in the fast lanes with that baby aboard?

These two posts are going to be a firestorm of comments , stay tuned folks.

I have posted in other discussions in the past until I’m blue in the face…’‘Learning to drive’’ is so much more involved that just pushing on the gas.
This mechanical health and capability of the vehicle you’re driving is case in point. As a driver you MUST learn what to do in case of a break down AND what to do to best avoid the same.

NO, everyone cannot be expected to be mechanicaly adept but, as a driver MUST at least know what is normal -vs- what is not. Therefore, when to ask for tech diagnosis and when NOT to drive that vehicle.
This would be my wife; “go drive my truck” is a as much maintainance/diagnosis as she puts into it herself ( at least she knows when something isn’t normal.) But she would never berate someone offering the caution of a low tire or brake light out. But here again she would be leery and downright suspicious of any stopping to ‘help’. Besides myself she has six other phone numbers to call for tech assistance.

Don’t blame Republicans for Bozo. That is as inappropriate for this forum as his postings.

Agreed. For the last eight years, democrats suffered republican rule, and some of them didn’t do so very gracefully. Now with democratic rule, some republicans are not acting very civilized. Both parties have their crosses to bear and you can’t judge a group by the actions of a few.

When I first saw Bozo’s user name, I figured he was from Alabama. I guess that was his attempt to be witty because he is a sore loser.

.’‘Learning to drive’’ is so much more involved that just pushing on the gas.

That’s right.
Isn’t it mandatory in California that you must be able to shave/put on makeup while you’re talking on the cell phone while barreling down the freeway at 50mph OVER the speed limit using only your knees to steer, brake and floor the gas pedal before you get your “driver’s” license? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to avoid this post, because the title sort of suggested it wasn’r really a car question. But I dropped in anyway.

I’m glad a did. In my mind’s eye I can visualize a guy on the LA freeway beeping his horn and frantically waving a huge sign telling sombody their brake light is out. It must be quite a sight.

So, how big is the woman?
(I’m sorry guys, but I’m sitting here laughing and I just could not resist).

…Where do you get off pretending to be the forum moderator, huh?
Bozo, where do you get off pretending to be the “man” moderator? Double standard.

you and your many pals here are so obsessed with repairs suggests to me that you’re too poor to buy a decent car and have it repaired by professionals…posts like this reveal your immaturity.

I only bring up this obvious and salient point because you and your pals have done nothing but attack every post I have made…I have noticed only 2 posts by yourself, both are condescending.

I’m sure I can buy and sell any two of you combined, probably more…What an immature thing to say!

Since there’s no black grease under my fingernails, I don’t seem to fit in with you and your pals…again, mean spirited. No you don’t seem to fit in here since most posters are respectful of each other. With that said I will not tell you to leave, if you can conduct yourself in a mature manner. I have this feeling you won’t be here long.

You are dead wrong about the people who frequent this forum. Unlike you, they are gentlemen who come from a wide range of professions. Now if you could only discuss the merits of your position without trying to pat yourself on the back at the same time, we might get somewhere.

We frequently disagree with each other here, but do so respectfully. If you could learn to do the same, you might actually fit in.