Why is it that

Why is it that a rolling start (5 mph-60) is always a little bit slower than a 0-60 time?

I noticed this in Car and driver where on all the cars the 0-60 time are quicker than the 5-60 times.

Why would this be? it makes little sense to me.

Because starting at 0 means you can rev the engine so you start in its powerband, which is the RPM range where you get the most acceleration. Starting at 5 means the transmission’s already engaged, and at 5mph your engine isn’t nearly at the ideal RPM range for acceleration.

Well stated. The Shadow Knows.

Oh. XD I was thinking this was some complicated problem, like the gas tank puzzler. Thanks for some common sense.


And to round out the thread, here’s some acceleration entertainment for you.

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With many manual trans cars you have to start in 2nd gear at 5mph.

How about if I am rolling at 5mph with the clutch in and the engine in a 4-6000rpm range and I dump the clutch. Will the car at a standing start still beat me to 60?


Not in any of the manual cars and truck I’ve ever owned. I can drop into first when going less than 10 mph.

Who cares??

C & D must really be scraping for automotive news if they’re doing a test like this.

I know that with my old muscle cars (Roadrunner, Superbee) a rolling start of 5 to 10 MPH was far better for me in a street race. Otherwise, from a dead standstill traction was a serious problem and the 0 to 60 time could be measured in double digits.

Learn something every day! It makes sense, too! Even to me; I know next to nothing about the mechanics of cars, yet I enjoyed this forum.

I wonder if it is in driving technique. If you are rolling in gear and floor it certainly you would have a lag over someone ramping it up to 2500 rpm and hitting the clutch.

They’ve always done tests like that. The 5-60 is a more realistic “what can I really do with this car on the street” number, because 0-60 is tested using a proper racing launch, which involves a little wheel spin and a hell of a lot of engine noise - two things guaranteed to catch the eye of a cop.

Waterboy’s right, btw. If you launch it properly (and on those old muscle cars, you had to be REALLY good, and it didn’t help that the tires sucked back then) a standing start will beat the rolling start, even in a Roadrunner.

How about in an automatic (or ‘manumatic’) trans, both starting in drive?

with all this clutch talk, it kind of muddies the water. I wanted to know the physics of the problem.
Both starting in drive with an auto trans
dead stop vs 5mph
which would be faster to 60 mph.