Why is it so cheap?

im thinking of getting a mid size suv and something that catches my eye is the new Hyundai santa fe limited. but the only problem is i looked at the prices compared to other cars and they all have the same features but why does the Hyundai cost much less? my family thinks that later down the road its going to have problems is that true. how does hyundai make its prices so low?

The Santa Fe is actually more reliable than many other mid-size SUVs. Currently, there are huge rebates on the '09 models, so that reduces the already reasonable prices.

While it is true that Hyundais suffer from a lot of price depreciation, that will not really matter very much if you keep the vehicle for a long time. In the past, Hyundais did not have a good reliability rating, and since old reputations die slowly, Hyundai is still fighting that image. Thus, reasonable selling prices and thus, high depreciation.

If you want a good-quality mid-size SUV at a reasonable price, the Santa Fe is a compelling value, especially if you can get a left-over '09 model. Recently, my brother bought one, and all told, he saved ~$8,000 off of the sticker price. Since he is already the very satisfied owner of a Hyundai Azera, he did not hesitate to grab one of these bargain Santa Fes.

thanks im putting the hyundai on ly lidt to test drive

What VDC said.

Hyundai has come a long way and has developed a reputation as a good quality vehicle and an excellent value. Stop by the bookstore and read Consumer Reports for confirmation.

What VDC & TSM said.

Do a google search on “Hyundai banned in Australia”

The blond babes give excellent advice in this hilarious TV ad.

It seems the TV sensors in Australia have no sense of humor at all???

My wife drives an 02 Sonata & it’s been an XLNT car for it’s first 134,000 miles.

My Sister and her husband love theirs . . . no trouble in the 4-5 years they have it, don’t know the miles they have on it. Rocketman

SUVs traditionally have a higher profit margin, up to 50% in some cases. Hyundai is just making less profit and stands behind their products with a longer warranty. That’s just strategy to rebuild its reputation and there’s nothing wrong with that if their products hold up.

I don’t have confidence in a Hyundai from 15 years ago, but I’m impressed with how far they have come since then. I would trade $30k of spare cash with a Genesis coupe.

IF you can find a leftover 08 Veracruz: