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How about hyundai

my family is the type that thinks that once youve messed up thats it. so im thinking about getting a Hyundai santa fe limited. but my family wants me to get a honda of a toyota. i guess because of thier reputation but too many people have those, i like the warranty and design of the hyundai but deep inside im sceptical too. Are hyundais good buys or in a few years itll leave me stranded somewere?


I’ll say this. I will bet on a Hyundai over either of the other two with proper maintenance of the Hyundai vs, Fast Lube type maintenance or typical less than proper maintenance.

To me it is a chance formula. Chances for problems with any make or model exist. You can increase your odd’s of having success by looking at CR or something similar, but it is not a guarantee of trouble free.

As they say “things, they are a changing”. Cadillacs used to be great cars, then they became the one of the worst luxury cars. Lately they have improved.

In the mid 70s, my boss, a world traveler, bought a Seiko watch (unknown in America) in Japan, and one of the first Honda Civics, and lived to regret it. Just because Honda made good motorbikes then, it did not mean that their cars were any good. Japanese cars improved and the rest is history.

Fast forward to Hyundai. Their first cars were bad (Pony, Stellar, Excel) but their rate of improvement has been such that Huyndais are more reliable now than any German, British or Italian car, and better than most American cars. The top rated compact by Consumer Reports is the Hyundai Elantra, not the Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic. This is a conservative organization, so that tells you something.

The J. D. Power ratings for owner satifaction and reliability also strongly endorse the Hyundais.

So you are safe buying a Hyundai but very unsafe buying a high end Mercedes, Audi, Volkwagen made in Mexico, any Chrysler product, and few others.

The quality of Hyundai has really come up since they were first introduced in the USA. But their sister company, Kia, is a different story. Several banks in California WILL NOT loan money on used Kia’s since the vehicle has hardly any value.

I’m sure Kia, now part of Hyundai, will be very good cars 10 years from now.

For the long term, ALWAYS consider you service availability. ( ex. In this small town I wouldn’t buy a Hyundai or a Honda. Nearest service 140 miles one way )

Investigate localy , dealers and independents, to see which is the best service choice.

It’is rated very well and runs well. Overall MPG is 18.

I live in Houston so that’s not a problem

My brother has owned a Hyundai Azera for about 2 years, and is extremely happy with it.
I initially suggested that he look at this model because he had expressed interest in a Toyota Avalon, and I pointed out that the Azera was higher-rated than the Avalon, and was several thousand $$ cheaper than the Avalon. He looked, he drove, he compared, and he concluded that the Azera was a far better value than the Avalon. He has not regretted the decision to buy the Azera, and he reports that he enjoys driving it more than any other car that he ever owned.

Recently, when his Outback was ready to be retired, he took a look at the Santa Fe, and he was very impressed by what he saw. The bottom line is that he bought a Santa Fe–at a HUGE saving, due to it being a year-end model–and is now the proud owner of two Hyundais.

I really think that Hyundai is currently in the same position, relatively speaking, as Honda was, back in the late '70s–early '80s. The public underestimated their products, and prices were still low, due to relative unpopularity. However, once the public caught on to the very good quality, sales soared and prices climbed.

Don’t judge the Hyundais of today by the products of Hyundai’s early days in the US market. Today’s Hyundais are highly rated, of very good quality, and represent a bargain in comparison with makes like Toyota and Honda.

I bet if you bought a Hyundai, removed the badges and slapped on Toyota or Honda badges, they may never know

Yea and I love the stylein of it

Edmunds shows that the repair costs aee comparable between the Santa Fe and the Rav4. Here’s a recap of sevral reviews:

It’s affordable, uninspired transportation. But if you like the way it rides, then why not buy it? Take one out for a long test drive; maybe rent one for a weekend. It’s what you think that matters, not someone who doesn’t have to live with it.