Should I buy this 2008 Santa Fe?

I am considering a 2008 Santa Fe - 29k miles with 60k manf warranty left on it. Price at almost 17,000. Never had a Hyundai, is it worth the cash?

Hyundai is an improved auto…but I’m old school and would only recommend in a forum the usual suspects, and that doesn’t include Hyundai yet.
In that category…Ford Escape, CRV, RAV exc.

My neighbor’s son has one of those and really likes it. He has had no problems so far. I agree with other posters that the long term reliability of AWD Hyundais is unknown, where as Honda and Toyaota models have a proven track record.

I would not hesitate to buy any Hyundai CAR (2WD) at this time since we now have a lot of high mileage ones that are proven to be very reliable.

You might want to check the local Hyundai dealer’s stock of “new” 2008 Santa Fe models. My brother just bought one with ~$3,000. off the sticker price, and then he will get the “regular” $3,500. rebate that applies to all buyers of 2008 Santa Fe models, plus an additional $1,500. rebate because he is already a Hyundai owner.

When you consider all of the above, he is getting a vehicle with ~50 miles on the odometer for ~$8,000. off of the sticker price. You would not qualify for the extra $1,500. rebate, but you could likely get a NEW 2008 Santa Fe for ~$5,000 off of the sticker price. While this is not as cheap as the one that has racked up 29k in one year, you might be willing to pay a bit more for a vehicle that has not racked up so many miles in one year.

Incidentally, my brother would not be buying another Hyundai if he was not very satisfied with his first Hyundai. Hyundai’s greatly improved quality, coupled with prices that are lower than most of the competition, makes most of their models (Santa Fe included) a compelling value.

Isn’t 100-29 71? How does it only have 60K miles left on the warranty?

Because the vaunted 100k Powertrain Warranty automatically drops to a maximum of 60k coverage for the second owner. That is part of the “fine print” that many people are not aware of when they buy a used Hyundai.

I do believe that Hyundais are good-quality cars, but this is just one more reason–IMHO–to buy a new car, rather than a used car. You don’t really want to know the other reasons, do you?

Since Kia is owned by Hyundai, I believe that this restriction on coverage also applies to Kias.

As VDC Driver suggested, look at a new one. Or two. There is a dealer near Baltimore that is selling one Santa Fe for MSRP and the second for one dollar.