Why does my car have water in the behind the drivers seat

hi my 08 golf r32 seems to have a puddle off water on the rear drivers side floor does not lose water or from anywhere does anyone no why this does this its a 2 door car

I wonder if one of the drainage passages is clogged up and the excess is spilling into the main area of the car…could be a drainage passage from a sunroof if you’re so equipped too

there no sunroof ?? and it’s only behind the drivers seat of the car the cars now been parked up for a wile I went there the other day and thers mold everywhere

If no sunroof, then I would suspect the drain in the bottom of the drivers side door is clogged and spilling over into the car.

I’m sorry to hear about the mold…that’s going to be a pain to remove. You’ll have to tear out the carpet and pad underneath and clean and disinfect everything (or honestly, I’d consider taking it to a car detailer to clean and sanitize the entire mess, especially if you’re living in these cold frigid temps)

Below the windshield is a trough where the windshield wiper linkage resides.

There are drain holes in this trough that become plugged. When it rains, the water accumulates in the trough until it runs down the inside of the firewall, under the carpet and into the back seat.

Here’s a video of a VW that has these plugged drain holes.


Not sure if it applies to your car but last summer I heard sloshing when I closed the drivers door. It ended up in the bottom of the door was a weep hole that was plugged up, the water drained out fine after I cleared it out. Hope it helps.

I second Tester’s idea. The same thing happened to our Passat and ruined some electronics that are mounted on the floor.

It could come from either of the above described paths, so check for both. The drain holes under the wipers are easy enough to inspect but the drain holes at the bottom of the door will require some personal gymnastics and a flashlight to see. Rain water can easily get past the window seal and inside the door, so the manufacturer puts holes in the bottom of the door so whatever water gets inside the door drains right back out. If those drain holes at the bottom of the door are clogged, water fills up inside the door until it pours into the passenger compartment. Check all the doors, not just the one nearest to the puddle.

Don’t you have that backwards? Inspecting the cowl requires some dis-assembly, the doors can be inspected by opening them.

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By “personal gymnastics”, I mean it is difficult to get your body into a position where you can see the bottom of the car door. Last time I inspected the bottom of the door the passenger side of my truck I had to practically lay in the gutter in order to see the bottom of the door. If you have a way to lift the vehicle then of course it’s no problem.

No need to see it. Sloshing inside the diagnoses the problem, and you can find the drain and probe it with something like weed trimmer string by feel.

I use a nice big hand mirror for these tasks.
I even have a piece of mirror (the unbreakable stick on kind) in the box with my code reader so I can find and connect to OBD connectors without having to bend over… not an easy task with my back. :rofl:


How does the water get to the rear seat foot well without wetting the drivers seat foot well? It seems more likely to be from a moon roof drain, the window seals, or the rear hatch seal because of the location of the pool.

It’s a 2-door, so the door extends back beyond the front seat area a little.

The comment was addressed to windshield drains.

Speculation. There might be some stiffening channels built into the metal floor panel that could allow water to run front to rear during an acceleration, without any major wetting of the driver’s side carpet.