1979 300sd turbo desiel merc. benz

Water is leaking into my car, always has & it’s driving me nuts!!! No pun intended.Someone said something about vents? The water is in the trunk, interior & floor area. Help! nutcase22

Front or back seat floors? If it’s the back seat, it might be the rear window. Is there any rust around the window?

Sun Roof?

Where is the water again? Trunk - Back seat foot area (left or right side?) Front seat foot area (left or right side)?

If it is in the foot area of the passenger side front then it may be a a clogged drain in the vent area right in front of the windscreen Some string trimmer line may clear it. It usually drains out under the car right in front of where the passenger puts their feet.

It’s in the trunk wells & driver side rear floor. Thanks for tour help.

Oh & no rust on window.

I think it has something to do with the rear window. The water could drain into the trunk or passenger compartment as it drains into the car. How hard is it to remove the rear seat? Just the seat cushion (not the back) could be enough to see if it is draining in from behind the seat. You might also loo at the carpet under the rear window. The trunk walls and ceiling (under the rear deck, behind the back seat) might also be discolored by water. If it is the window, you need to have it removed and inspected. It may be as simple as replacing the window sealant.

Drivers side rear floor pan says it’s coming in from the rear. As stated, check the rear window seal. The rust hides under the rubber gasket. Also check the trunk seal and even the rear tail light gaskets.
If you have someone you really trust to work with, lock yourself in the trunk with a flashlight and have them go over the car with a garden hose. Be systematic by starting with each tail light, around the trunk seal, then slowly going around the window. As crazy as it sounds, we’ve chased down more than one leak this way.

My money would be on the rear window seal though. I’ve seen more than one. Be very careful removing and replacing the rear glass if you have to redo the gasket.It’s old, brittle and expensive.
A good body shop can fix the rusted area.
If the car’s not worth putting that much into, you may have limited success trying to seal from the outside with some silicone.


Thanks you guys are great! After closer inspection it’s leaking from all the above. Thank’s for your help.

Yep you were right that’s where it’s leaking from. Thank’s again.