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Why does my axle keep popping out?

Vehicle is a 91 Corolla with 150k. 2 years ago I replaced both CV axles. I started getting noises while turning from the left one so I went ahead and got a new one and replaced it. Since then it has popped out from the transaxle twice leaving me stranded. What could be causing this to happen?

Check the end of the driveshaft that goes into the transmission, there should be a C-clip retainer. Is it there?

Yes…The clip is there. After the first time it fell out I replaced it with another new one. The axle slid in too easily the first time and fell out within a day. The next one (which fell out this morning) I had to tap it in and it lasted a week and approx. 100 miles.

You may have a shaft that is to short. A small difference might make a big difference.

Sounds like the shaft is indeed too short, and thus popping out on hard turns. Do you still have the old ones? You may need to look up some measurements in a service manual or possibly get a set of axles from a yard from the same exact car. Compare VIN’s.

I believe that might be the case with them being too short. I had to give the old one back for the core and it is gone. I called and had them order a couple (new vs. re-man) so we can compare and measure. They should be in this afternoon and will keep all posted. Being this is the third time I’ve taken this apart, I can do it in 15 to 20 min.

Check the motor mounts.

I had a similar problem on a different vehicle and it turned out to ba a crack in the structural components holding the lower suspension member on where it pivots. It was allowing the suspension to flex too far, thus popping out when I hit a steep driveway too hard. Welded it up and all was well.

I believe I may have solved my issue with the axle popping out. Turns out that the hub had a lot of play due to the bearing being bad and took the hub with it. It did’nt seem to be bad enough to cause the axle to come out but apparently it was. Installed a hub and bearing kit and it’s been holding for week now.