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CV halft shaft troubles in my 99' caviler

99’ Chevy cavalier. I’ve had problems with my driverside axle popping out. I replaced one of the motor mounts and when I was doing that notice not all my bolts from my motor mount to the trany was there leaving a huge gape between the two. I found wut I thought was the same bolt & started torque the bolt into the tranny & it completely snapped the peice off . I got a new axle and replaced the old one but it’s already making the same noises as b4 when it popped out. I’ve notice the gap getting larger like b4 & I know wut coming next. Can anyone give me a helping hand.

What broke off? Part of the motor mount or part of the transmission housing? If it is part of the mount, buy a new one, loosen the engine to transmission bolts and see if you can coax the engine and transmission together by tightening everything in small steps. If the part that broke is the transmission housing , I doubt a 99 Cavalier is worth replacing the transmission.