Why does mine?

Why does my car chirp so much?

Thunderbird by chance? Where is the sound coming from?

Or a Falcon?
Sorry but on the really vague info and the fact that we can’t hear it. My best guess is that something between the bumpers is not right.


Or a Skylark. :grin:

Eddie, you gotta give us something to work with here.
Year, make, model, mileage, maintenance history?
Under what conditions does it chirp?

Change the serp belt and tensioner.

Even if it’s a brake wear indicator?
You cannot possibly know that this is the cause from the information given.

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With all respect, you cannot possibly have thought that was an answerable question with the information you gave us.

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…and… perhaps most important of all… from what area of the car do the chirps seem to emanate?

Fast Eddie joined about 9 hours ago and posted several replies to threads that did not make much sense . I doubt if he will return.

Better check the trees in your neighborhood, there might be a Falcon perched in one of them.


LOL, needs a chop job…

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It is obviously a Plymouth Cricket.

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