Help me make my car "Chirp"

I’ve got a 2007 Acura TL Type S that is a couple thousand miles away from not being covered by the factory warranty.

In the last month on three separate occasions I’ve had a chirping sound come from the front of the engine. From everything I’ve read online this is probably a tensioner pulley or idler pulley wearing out. I can’t figure out what causes the chirp to become noticeable vs not noticeable. When it does chirp, it chirps from 1000rpm to about 2500rpm and it does not go away until I let the car sit over night or for several hours. Speed doesn’t matter, the chirp can be heard when in park or neutral and you rev the engine.

Any ideas on how to “encourage” this chirp to sound when I am at the dealer so they can hear it, and prove to them that I am not crazy.

Video tape the front of the engine (with audio of course) while it is chirping, and show that to the dealer?
The next time it starts chirping, drive straight to the nearest dealer?

one suggestion - when the car is “chirping” - go to the dealership - don’t turn off the car - ask a service writer to come outside to hear your car’s noise.

Before you get too stressed out over this noise, you might try replacing the serpentine belt. Yours is 3-4 years old, assuming it is original, and they can make this very noise as they age, and it can be intermittent. Replacing it won’t break the bank (or it shouldn’t considering what you are driving) and will give you additional peace of mind. You’re due for one anyway. Expect to pay well under two hundred dollars for a new serpentine belt, even if you go to the dealer.

Took it to the dealer (11/12) to get a rattle fixed (under warranty) and happened to mention that the chirp had come back the night before. (Funny story, It started happening about 20min after the service department closed at the dealership, I found out as I’m desperately calling them on my phone heading in their direction with a chirping car hoping they would be open.) But I could not reproduce it when I had my car there the next morning. Lucky for me they decided to replace the idler pulley and I have not heard the chirp since then. The service guy (not the technician, but the guy who helps you when you pull up) mentioned that this is an issue that isn’t common but also isn’t uncommon with most third gen TL’s.

Yep, do that. I had a bad nav computer in mine that, of course, would only freeze when not at the dealership. So I got out my phone and took a picture of the frozen screen, and of the diagnostic screen’s error code, and that was enough to get them to replace it.

Good Grief ! It Could Be Your Timing Belt !

Certain 07 TL - S models, have tilted pulley mounting brackets. If I’ve got his right, a kit with a drive pulley (gear), timing belt, shim, maybe a new water pump, and a few hours labor is the fix.

At very least get your complaint(s) in writing.

Do you have a manual trans ? Some of those are grinding, are hard to shift, or popping out of gear. The fix is a new 3rd gear set.


Honda’s TSB For Timing Belt Pulley Has An Audio Feature. They Could Compare The Two.