Who has gloves in his/her glove box?


Who has gloves in his/her glove box?


I keep gloves with the spare tire.


I quit wearing gloves when I owned a Ford Maverick. The Mavericks didn’t have glove compartments–they just had an open package shelf under the dashboard. When there is no compartment for your gloves, you don’t wear gloves.


I have a spare pair of winter gloves in my glove box.
In my cargo area, I have a few pairs of exam gloves, in the unlikely event that I have to change tires or perform maintenance while I am away from home.


I keep rubber gloves in my console and winter gloves in the trunk.


I have gloves in my truck toolbox. But no tools in there… Maybe I should put tools in the glovebox.


Naw they’re in the back seat during winter and in the trunk during summer. We never called it a glove box though. It was always called a cubby hole so it didn’t matter what you put in there-like maps, owners manual, etc.


Just bought a car today and found a condom (still in the wrapper, of course) in the glove box. I suppose that’s a glove of sorts?


I have both Winter and Summer gloves in the glove box. I might use the Winter ones 2 or 3 times per year and can’t recall the last time I used the Summer ones.


I’m dvd-watching a tv show from New Zealand titled 800 Words, and they refer to that device as a “tarp” … lol … In one scene there are claims of accidental parenting and one of the characters says to the other … “Did you put a tarp on it?” :wink:


I have work gloves and chemical-resistant rubber gloves. They’re too big for the glove box; I keep them with the tools.

When I think of gloves for driving I remember chauffeurs in old movies and the gangster-driver in Bullitt.


No gloves in the glove box, and in my garage I have lots of shoe boxes full of everything but shoes. And how many of us kept our record albums in orange crates? All in all, a difficult generation that wasn’t likely to follow rules.