Why did i just get a 30 second dogfood ad pop up?

happened after selecting thread from recent discussions, ad popped up before i went to thread

…because you haven’t installed a “pop-up blocker”?

no, that’s not it. first time it ever happened to me. it just came up immediately after I clicked on a thread. am I hacked?

Get HijackThis or a similar system analyzer to see if something is amiss.

thanks jt . I onlt started using computers 1 yr ago. last may I believe. I don t know much. maybe run my Norton power eraser?

Worth a try. What operating system do you have? And if you have cable or FIOS, they usually have security suite that you could use.

I would recommend firefox with adblock, if you are worried you have carpware look at add ons in Internet explorer I assume and disable any suspicious ones, and do windows defender offline, cancel quick scan at start and choose full scan. Make sure you do the select my version for 32 or 64 bit. start settings control panel system or in win 8 swipe from off the screen from right to left, or mouse to upper right hand corner in desktop and pick the cog wheel to access control panel. Look at programs and features and uninstall any spamware, lok at system to see if you are 32 or 64 bit.

windows 8. I ran the power eraser, it found no risks, but my compuer is faster now. I don t know, maybe facebook is a problem?

Facebook has nothing to do with it.

Windows 8 has security software built in. I’ve been told that you don’t need extra security software if you use Windows 8. Maybe our IT experts can give use their insight. Although I did hear it from an IT expert.

Most apps have a pop up quietly shielding their intent when you install it. If you are using an app, to directly or indirectly get to Cartalk, go back and reinstall and " don’t allow" anything.

hey, it was face book. if you go to Norton and click on the global threat level it is explained further, apparently accepting an unknown friend request or clicking on a video was my prob. when I turned on my computer this morning it updated for like 2 hours. when I finally got on I saw that Norton had been busy updating and fixing my problem. 26 malware items were cleansed in their scan. apparently a different scan than I ran when the problem surfaced because mine came up clean. thanks for the advice


I suggest you check out this previous thread. It addresses this particular issue. https://community.cartalk.com/discussion/2296750/website-problems/p1

lol, I m afraid to click on any links now

Dude, it’s a cartalk.com link to another thread in this forum. Look at it and compare it to the one in your address bar. SMH


C’mon, guys. Glad you solved the problem, Wes.