Why did I fix it myself?

A while back I decided to rotate my tires myself cause i’m cheap! But after I finished the car had a shimmiy between 60 and 65 miles per hour. I kept screwing around with the tires but I could not get the car to ride smoothly again. Finally I rotated the tires back to the way they were in the first place but no luck. Out of ideas I took the car to the tire shop and paid to have the tires rotated and balanced. They did it and told me the the car was perfect. However the car still shakes between 60 and 65 mph. What could the problem be and how did I do it?

Now that is a good question. If you in fact put the tires back exactly where they were, and nothing was damaged in the process, there must be something that got loosened up, bent,or otherwise damaged or misaligned when you R&R the tires. Since the shop spin balanced all four tires for you and they all check out, now you should look at somewhere other than the tires. Does the shimmy happen on all road surfaces? Do applying the brakes have any affect on the shimmy? Is the air pressure the same on all the tires (whoops, that is looking at the tires), when you have the tire and wheel lifted off the ground, can you feel any movement when you grab the tire and vigerously try to shake it top to bottom and side to side, do that with each one. There has to be something that changed during the R&R process.

There is a procedure for tightening the lugs so that the wheel is not mounted off-center! You first tighten the lugs just snug by starting with the top one, then the bottom one then the closest one across and so on. Once they are snug that way, the wheel will be truly centered. Only then do youy tighten them to the required torque.

If you fully tighten the first one, and then the rest, your wheel will be off-center and wobble.

OH Docnick thank you! way have so few people figured this out, a little care initially,saves a lot of hassle later-I’ ve watched people balancing tires before and I swear I think they managed to get the tire off center when they were attempting to balance it(how else do you end up with 6ounces of wheel weights in one spot on a clean tire and rim) Back to the OPs question-maybe a belt shifted?-Kevin

I suspect you may have knocked a wheel weight off or you may not have followed the proper tightening procedure and could have warped a wheel or rotor. BTW do you know the proper torque setting for your car? Do you own a torque wrench?