Shimmy Shimmy


I have a 1997 toyota camry 83,000 miles on it. I recently had the wires and plugs replaced and the tires rotated and balanced. I am experiencing a shimmy when the car reaches 45-55 miles an hour. What is causing this.


This sounds like wheels/tires out of balance (shimmy during straight ahead driving, not braking?). You said that you recently had them balanced. Was it OK for a while, and then developed a shimmy? In that case, you may have lost a clip-on wheel weight. If it’s been shimmying ever since the balancing, perhaps the shop did a bad job. Did they dynamically balance the wheels/tires on the car, or did they do a “static” balance (bubble level)? A static balance, while better than nothing, is nowhere near as good as a dynamic balance.


You can try having the tyres rotate so the ones on the front are moved to the back. If the shimmy changes then you know it is a tyre or wheel and go from there.


We did lose a weight but it was replaced and the tires were rotated. There isn’t any uneven wear on the tires and it was suppose to have been checked ti see if it was out of alignment. Any other suggestions. Thanks


Yes the tires were rotated and the shimmy is still on the same side passengers side. It was also checked to see if it was out of alignment. Any other suggestions?