Wheel Balancing

I have a new set of Good Year Assurance tires on a 2007 HONDA ELEMENT. The retailer, (DISCOUNT TIRE) does not seem to be able to get the “shimmy” out of the wheels - and front or back isn’t the issue…The car shimmys, I need it fixed. What would you recommend? There does not seem to be any suspension issues on this car.

Bent rim(s)? There are many things that can cause a “shimmy” why do you believe it is balance? BTW there are several ways of balancing tyres. Are they using a dynamic system or static?

I suspect it is either not a balance issue. Even new tyres can be defective. A quick look at a tyre will not show up a slipped belt unless you are looking specifically for that. In addition worn steering parts, bearings and other things are possible.

Has anyone tried moving them front to back to make sure the shimmy follows the wheel/tyres?

If the tires are mounted and balanced properly I recommend you take the car to a service center that specializes in steering and alignment issues. You could have a bent wheel or loose ball joints and/or tie rod ends or other worn steering components that are being amplified as a result of having new rubber on the road. If you take the car to a reputable wheel alignment shop they will tell you that the alignment cannot be done if there are worn steering components.

I can’t get this from your post. Is the shimmy in the front or back? If both, then it is a bit unusual esp if not there before the tire change. Otherwise I will switch the tires around and see if it moves. This would rule out issues other than the rim and tire.