Have tom and ray retired?

have tom and ray retired? Noooooooooo!

Yep, more here:

well…, darn. every cloud has silver lining tho. no more new puzzlers! thanks for the info tex. kinda wish I d never asked now.

"They retired years ago."

Actually it was October 2012, as announced a few months earlier on NPR regular news broadcasts.

Not convinced? Read this:

However, for a few years previous, there were some old calls mixed in on newly recorded shows.

When I was in the USAF we had a term for Tom and Ray’s last couple of years… A ROAD Sgt. Retired on Active Duty. The newspaper column is still new, but the radio shows are all recycled.

lol, I knew you were joking asecular. …by the way, a secular what?

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Every so often, there will be a hint that they still have their hands in it. Just last week, they referred to a recent event - I think it was auditing by the IRS. That would indicate they haven’t completely exited the scene.

I have noticed the same thing, and although I can’t recall the recent event on which they commented, it is apparent that they do tape some very brief segments occasionally.

asecular. you made me google Quentin crisp, now the gubmint has that on my little file.


In last weekend’s show (6.15.2013) Ray referred to that NSA contractor recently in the news every day, Edward Snowden.

It seems to be only the breaks and intro/outros. Too bad but they’ve earned it.

On this weekend’s show (2013-08-31 (number 1335)) Ray remarked:
'And even though Miley Cyrus says “Now that’s in really bad taste”'
a presumed reference to the VMA performance on 2013-08-25.

The interviews, though, do seem to be dated. Some of the cars discussed:
'94 Impreza
’68 Valiant
’87 Nova
’89 Maxima
and I don’t think I’ve heard them discuss any 21st-century vehicle in quite
some time. Anyone know if these are recycled or never-previously-aired?

One other hint is that in the last interview, Tom’s son Alex is 18 years old.
Anyone know what Alex’s current age is?

According to what I assume is his Facebook page he graduated high school in 1999 which pretty effectively dates that segment. I’d guess he’s currently 31-33.

I sure would have liked to have a “Stump the chumps” episode for the misbehaving cattle trailer with electric brakes. The brakes would apply in synchrony with the emergency flashers.

That resulted in the Andy Letter that scoriated the Brothers.

I assume the Puzzler answers (or at least the winner announcements) are also recorded new each week. How else could they give the prize to the actual winner?