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Info please

Tell me it ain’t so LOL. I heard that car talk is now on endless reruns ! I heard Click & Clack were retiring but didn’t want to believe it.


The Car Talk guy’s are saying exactly yet about what and when the transition occurs, but re-runs are definitely in the near future according to a message from Tom & Ray in the Car Talk blogs on this website. I think the episodes through the end of Oct remain current, then after that, some form of re-runs will ensue. As far as I can tell, nobody knows if they’ll mention this on the show or not. It’s a Car Talk Halloween surprise!

Residuals. The boys are now sitting back collecting resids.
lucky them.

True that, but given the amount of copy and pasted old responses to make a new show it may continue ad infinatum.

I heard Click & Clack were retiring but didn't want to believe it.

Welcome to the club. A lot of regulars here feel the same.

Short answer: It’s true.

For months now, long time listeners have been noticing many “archival” calls, some weeks more repeat calls, some weeks less, all somehow seamlessly intertwined in such a way that it’s hard to tell except when the caller talks about a 90’s vintage ride with 57,000 miles, or it’s one of those unforgettable calls that we’re dead certain we’ve heard before.

There have been other discussions here about exactly when the last freshly recorded show will occur, and questioning how C&C will bow out, what the ceremony will be, etc. The consensus on this forum seems to be that there will NOT be an official announcement on the “final show”, no formal farewell and no appreciation for their millions of loyal fans. In other words, there is no “final show”. The question is, when will (did) they stop recording new shows. That’s probably already happened. But as I commented in another thread, I’m guessing that Tom and Ray will record various things for a while, like new intro stories, and perhaps something with credits, podcast numbers, etc.

Here’s what NPR reported:

My understanding is that the transition has happened and did when the new NPR season began. I think the powers that be did not want a “final show” for fear of the loss of listeners. That seems to be the way of things in radio these days. I also thought I heard Tommy say that when he is done–he will be done. He is almost 75–I know hard to believe. But that Ray will have his hand in for a while, answering questions on line, contributing articles to the website, and maybe recording some things from time to time. He is younger than Tommy and not quite ready to walk completely away. At least, that was the word back in June and July. Things do change…

My local station (WBEZ) said they would not be running Zombie Car Talk and would give Wait, Wait… its spot. Yesterday (Saturday the 3rd), there was no Car Talk at 9AM.

Car Talk is running Sundays at five, so I’m guessing there was enough demand for the zombie show after all.

Just my opinion but Wait Wait is one of the lamest uninteresting radio shows I have heard. Almost as bad as the Splendid Table. They really need to work on expanding their audience a little. I mean who says “splendid” anymore or ever did except for hotey tots?

And what’s going on with the continual coverage of the BBC? British broadcasters so concerned about US politics and economics? Like they don’t have some issues in the UK to deal with?

Me, I like Car Talk (even in re-runs I like it) and Wait Wait, but find that Prairie Home Companion show inane. I know it is very popular. But I simply don’t understand what folks like about it. I can’t hardly get to the radio fast enough to turn it off when I hear the intro music.

I guess that’s why they make ice cream in Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla, everybody has their own opinion 'bout stuff … lol

Well George you just have to be from Minnesota or South Dakota and you’d understand it.

Hey, I enjoyed that movie “Fargo”! I’m down for the Minesota/Dakota thing. lol … Maybe, as far as PHC goes, I just understand all the focus on power milk bisquits.

Seems to me we’ve been hearing a LOT of recycled calls since well before their announcement back in the summer about retiring. As others have said, there have been plenty of calls about cars from the '90s, and even the '80s, but very few about cars newer than about 2004-2005.

So, if we are now left with Zombie Car Talk (love the term!), wouldn’t it interesting to hear show #1? They may rebroadcast it, may have already done so, but it would be fun to hear it announced as such. I, for one, would love to hear it and see how C&C evolved their craft over the decades.