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Project threads

hey Carolyn and cartalkians…

we have quite a number of people who come here, including me, who have long term auto projects going on.

fender125 and his caddy come to mind…

the problem is that sometimes these projects drag on, and sometimes there is no action on the thread, or the vehicle for a while, and the thread becomes dormant, and is closed, and can t be added to any longer

we all like to know the results of the threads here…

so…, would it be possible to label a thread as “a project” and allow it to remain dormant for a while without being closed?

Hi. I hadn’t heard from anybody who had a project thread they wanted to update. I suppose this may have been prompted by one of your old blue threads? Under this system the threads are closed by creation date cutoff. (I was aiming for anything over 90 days old). I don’t have the ability to make exceptions if something lies prior to the cutoff. I have to manually update the closure cutoff, though to be honest I haven’t updated it in a few months. My only option is to not update the closure cutoff, but the reason I do that is because there was such an outcry before about users reviving old threads. I don’t know how we will work it in the new system, but I’m open to feedback.

So wes update us on the what was it truck and jeep?

I think it is unfortunate that the threads must be closed on schedule to satisfy the 2% that squawk when someone adds to an older post. On other boards threads may continue for ten years, sometimes there is a particular condition with a vehicle that someone wants to add information about or ask a question about.

Someone with a project can easily post an update. If someone wants information they can send a personal message to someone. As long as it has been for Fender he has given up or his apartment manager made him move it.

Fender’s Cadillac was on Craig’s list after the universal joint broke but I don’t know if he sold it.

A project post can be kept alive just by up-dating it at least every two weeks.

But what most people forget to do is include the vehicle information.

The original post may have had the vehicle information, but usually when a continuing post goes for a week or more, the vehicle information is omitted.

So. I’m not going to look back at three or four pages ago just to find out what type of vehicle is being talked about.

As long as you provide the information of the vehicle you’re talking about, and the on-going question/problem, somebody is going to provide an answer


Wesw whats up man!!! I just randomly checked back on the forum here its been forever…caddy is doing well and I got another caddy project, a 56!

cool! me too, I got a 1985 f 350!

is the Cadillac on the road?

old blue is still going, but this 1985 is the future!

lol, in 1985 , the year I graduated HS, I dreamed of a new ford truck…

so all you kids out there take heart…, dreams can come true!!!

How about another category for “Projects” in the Community page? Adjust the settings for that sub-category.

I’d like to see that sub-category added, I think it would benefit the site and the posters. Just my 2 cents.

The 50 is on the road somewhat…been welding in floor panels to whats left of the car lol

hey bud, i put stainless steel floors in old blue…, and cut up an old rubber bed liner and made new carpet. it is solid and doesn t look half bad. a lttle hillbilly, but i like that anyway :slight_smile:

does the other caddy have interchangeable parts?

mine doesn t unfortunately. the 75 has a 360 motor the 85 has a 351 small block, but it only has 3-4000 miles on it :slight_smile:

we could all just lump our projects into this thread and between all of us we maybe could keep it going

Haha yeah.

Unfortunately no interchangeable parts from the 50 and 56, but thats ok. I dont want to dissasemble one for the other. Love them both differently.

The 56

In those days models changed pretty rapidly.

Trust me it looks wayyyyy nicer than it is…doesnt run, missing parts, needs some rust work. But Im happy nonetheless

yeah. i want to keep old blue going too. i ve become attached to the old dog.