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Who's logo is this? fun

Hope you do not get bombarded with ads, I did not.

32 out of 35 (something about a 10 if it were a gymnastics competition). Messed up the 3 that have wings.

Was kind of fun.

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I missed a few but some of those logos are really obscure. Never like the look-alike Japanese ones. Seemed like they all used the same designer and just changed it a little bit for another fee.

So Barky, how did you fix your eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? My nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn is sticking now. Time for a new keyboard maybe.

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Reboot seemed to work, It is a laptop, so keyboard is a slightly more complicated replacement. You can try pulling off the n key on a standard keyboard and hitting it with a little contact cleaner, but usb keyboards are cheap, had an old work computer needed a new keyboard, lucky I had a ps2 keyboard for it, there used to be a bigger fitting for keyboards,prior to ps2, have a few of those also.

It seems to be a random assortment of logos, it seems to change on different visits.

"You’ve Passed!
Wicked smart! We are honored by your presence. You answered 35 out of 35 correct!"

Yes, this was enjoyable, but it shouldn’t be a serious challenge to those who are very familiar with automotive history and the logos that are linked to that history.

Can you post a link to a automotive quiz whose challenge (NOT “who’s challenge”!) is a bit more daunting than this one was?


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When they got to the VW logo, they said the original one had the swastika arms on it. Now when I see a VW I can’t get that out of my mind.