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Some of these are too easy, some I missed, identify car makers

I easily got them all right, well into the second series… until the enormous plethora of endless streaming video advertisements combined with the live video feed of the hurricane clogged my bandwidth and my PC stalled. No sense getting a new PC. It’d only end up clogged with even more streaming video advertisements a year from now. :tired_face:

Lots of beauties. The XKE and the Elise, two of my favorites, included. :grin:

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Too tedious, I answered way more than 100 questions, maybe more than 150, and the site was very slow to respond. I gave up trying to finish. The questions and answers were not always exactly accurate and how many ties should you have to identify a Jag. E Type?

Got 'em all. Kinda felt like it was cheating on some of them. “Who made this car that has the word “Dodge” on it?” :wink:

I made it to the parking brake handle without error, lost count. I guess the quiz continues indefinitely.

The Nissan seems to be difficult to recognize but we had one on the lot last month, asking price $72,000. Who goes shopping for a $70,000 used car?

The buyer of the $72,000 one probably doesn’t feel the need to pay another $30,000 (roughly) for a brand new one.

Too easy. Most had the makers name or emblem on them somewhere.

Thank you for the warning. I tried a similar quiz on engines. It was also inundated with advertisements and painfully slow. It also contained one question concerning a part I had never heard of. I did a search and discovered it was a fictitious part installed on the fictitious “Star Wars” death star! Another actually legitimate question had a completely wrong answer. I gave up.

Speaking of fictitious parts: putting ’ flux capacitor ’ in Google will bring up O’riellys auto parts web site.

That is hilarious! LOL

I just gave up. Got tired of clicking.