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New logos for both GM & KIA

From Morning Brew:

Kia: In the most extra logo launch of 2021, Kia debuted its updated look using 303 pyrodrones and a massive fireworks display over South Korea. Early reviews are not great. MotorTrend wrote that it “resembles a futuristic inkblot test,” and we’re inclined to agree.

GM: In another vehicular facelift, GM changed its corporate logo for the first time in 56 years yesterday to highlight its electric vehicle strategy. How does the new logo do that, exactly? If you look closely, the lowercase “m” is supposed to resemble an electric plug. Key words: supposed to.

(Please note that I wasn’t able to remove the CIA logo information, which is not relevant to this site.)


The GM logo was probably inspired by someone who does not know how to use the shift key to make capital letters . The KIA is just plain dumb .


They are different. I see that.

Really, IMHO, dumb changes, but not as dumb as marketing an electric SUV as a Mustang.


I can at least tell what the General Motors logo is supposed to mean.

My oldest grandson will be 3 at the beginning of April! The Kia logo looks like something he would have done. Does that make him a child prodigy? :wink:


Personally, I like the old logos better

The new GM logo is all lower case . . . good grief

If I’d done that in school, my teachers would have given me a bad grade

the new Kia logo . . . in my opinion it looks like K V I

as for the CIA logo . . . I think it’s a shame they got rid of the eagle


The electric plug in the “gm” logo is like the arrow in the FedEx logo. Cute when you actually see it, but so what?

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The GM logo is meh but I like the Kia one. I’ve designed logos and I appreciate their approach. I agree with @db4690 about the CIA logo, it needs to have the eagle.


Thanks for pointing that out. I never noticed the arrow before. Somebody made a lot of money on those logos. I used to have a couple graphic artists that worked for me and it was amazing the time they would spend on something like this and then come up with nearly identical but in a different color. Their favorite saying was it really pops. Yeah. I remember when they had to do a series of maps and when I looked at them I said “north is always up, not south”. They were crestfallen.

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I had to use Google to see what and where the arrow was in the Fedex logo . Also I guess you could say it has a spoon in the letter E according to Google.

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Someone on another forum mentioned the gm logo looks like an elephant on a platform.

I had never seen the arrow in the FedEx logo, interesting.

I think the two changes here are more of a waste in time. It is like the IT upgrades we get at work. No added functionality but a lot of bugs.


I can’t see the spoon for the life of me.

Look at the letter e - the spoon part is to the left and the handle is pointed to the right . It took a little time for me to see it also. It is the white space just below the center line in the small e.

Ah, I see it. I was looking at the upper case E instead of the lower case e. I’m sure the Board was delighted as the artist explained this.

Just a thought though, who really cares about logos? I didn’t realize they had two different colors until I stopped at a main Fedex office to see about shipping a bike. He talked about the two different color services and might be cheaper to just buy a bike instead. Went right in one ear and out the other. No idea. Shipped it for $75 UPS, no prob. Son didn’t want a new bike, wanted “his” bike 800 miles away in my garage, and with the virus, my transport service is non-functional.

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Certain logos are significant, but generally they are simply labels. The memorable logos are mostly symbols, like the Target target, the Toyota thing with ovals, the Mercedes symbol or the Michelin Man (named Bibendum). The cute ones get some attention for a while. But does it really matter for most products, or are executives fooling themselves?

After I retired, the folks just couldn’t contain themselves and changed the logo. Essentially they kept the same thing except changed the color from blue to green. The thing is we chose blue over what was then green 40 years ago because blue and black were the cheapest colors to print. There was no additional cost to print blue letterhead and envelopes than black. But green was extra cost. Dumb and dumber.

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A couple of years ago I decided to try telling cars by their logo, Interstate fun. So many cars look all the same to me. I had really no idea how difficult that would be. Sure some are easy, but others I still am not sure sometimes.

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I’ve owned a Mazda for nearly 20 years and I still couldn’t describe their logo. What’s the point?

It is the upside down representation of the Go Mario Go cart character’s Mustache :slight_smile:

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With so many late model sedans and small/mid sized SUVs with common styling I rely on logos for identity while I observe vehicles in traffic. The cheaper manufactures emulate the the body styling of the leaders making identity a challenge for manufactures.

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