Whooshing sound(revised)


I get a whoosing noise coming from under the dashboard on the passenger side of the car when I hit the brake or slow down(revised)
It got a little louder time to time
and then finally a drivetrain malfunction light came up I wonder what the problem would be.
Drivetrain warning light won’t go off and Check engine light also came on.
People say it would be mostly likely
plug issue but never heard of whooshing sound associated with this issue

The car is crying out for a skilled diagnosis, rather than guesswork. That diagnosis has to begin with reading the Diagnostic Trouble Codes that have been stored by the car’s OBD system. If you go to an auto parts store (Auto Zone, Advance Auto, O’Reilly, Napa) they will read those DTCs and give you a print-out of them. Then, you can return here to report those codes, which will be in a format similar to P0123.

Nobody could possibly begin the diagnostic process without seeing those DTCs.

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People commonly say a LOT of things that have no substance, so it would be best to ignore anything other than an actual hands-on diagnosis.


The whooshing noise you hear from behind the dashboard may be coolant rushing thru the heater core because the cooling system is low on coolant.

Depending on the year/make of vehicle, this can cause the Check Engine light to come on.


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6 months ago or so coolant light came on so I added coolant and problem was solved.
But this time there was no coolant warning light so far thanks for your reply

Thank you sir I definitely gonna bring my car into service coming Monday but just wanted to brace myself for it.
Plus, I went into Dash hidden menu and unlocked it successfully but there was no error code strange

Thank you for your reply