Swooshing sound

I had a 30,000 mile check up at the Honda dealer on my 2007 Honda Fit. The front brake pads were replaced and they adjusted the rear brakes. When I left the parking lot and applied the brakes at a stop sign there was a sound like water rushing underneat the car in the front. I thought it was from them just having washed the car. Now every morning I back out of my drive way - it’s almost flat - and go about 2,000 feet to the first stop sign - all flat - and that same water rushing noise sounds like it’s rushing ariund under the car. In two years I’ve never had this sound. As I drivee throughout the day the swooshing sound diminishes and stops. What’s happening? Should I be concerned?

Do you park under trees? Leaves and needles can plug the water drains.

Clean the tubes and the water should drain out.

You should be able to see the drain tubes on the lower part of the firewall behind the front wheel.

Shove a length of heavy duty weed eater string up the tube, it should clear. IF that’s where the stoppage is.

It could also be the coolant rushing through the heater core. There could be air in the system. Check the coolant level in the tank and make sure it is up to the full line.

The drain and the coolant are not the problem. Thanks. The sound happened every stop either backwoard or forward but after driving for a while it will stop. I guess it happens when the engine is still cold.

The cause is air pocket in your cooling system. Change the radiator cap, check the hoses and coolant level. You have to fix it ASAP or it will be costly like BLOWN HEAD GASKET, OVERHEAT. Check if any hoses are collapsed after the engine is cool.

You Possibly Are Hearing The Sound Of The New Brake Pads Getting “Boken-in.”

Particularly if the brake rotors were machined or resurfaced, a swooshing sound is likely until the new pads polish the rotors to a smoother finish, like the one you had before.

Stop by the dealer/shop and go for a ride with the technician so that you can be sure he/she hears what you’re hearing. Good for you for monitoring the sounds your car makes.

This may have nothing to do with water other than a sound similarity, but find out.