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Who was Jimi Hendrix's road mechanic during the 1960s tours?

Was he a good guy? a good mechanic? any interesting stories with him and Jimi and the tours?


It was probably who ever was straight enough to find the engine at the time.

I give up. Who was it?

Hendrix worked on his own for maybe 3 years before he died, and there were very few tours. I doubt he had a band bus, much less a mechanic.

So…Is this a trick question?

Whoever it was, couldn’t be any worse than Lynyrd Skynyrd’s flight charter co.

I remember reading in the Aerosmith bio, that A.S. management declined their services a few months prior to destiny, despite being substantially cheaper than everyone else, on a “professionalism” basis. Reading between the lines, two rock fans acquired pilots’ licenses, the means to buy a used piston twin, and a desire to be “hangers on.”

Apparently, they lacked funds for maintenance,and–hey, ho, the rest is history.

I don’t know how anyone could come up with the answer to such obscure trivia. My gut feeling is that the bus driver was responsible for checking the oil and tires.
If and when the bus coughed to a stop for whatever reason odds are someone on the bus flagged a passing motorist down and got a ride to the next town where they got help or they hoofed it to a phone booth and called a tow company.
The younger among us may not even know what a phone booth is… :smiley:

The only place I even see pay phones anymore is outside 7-Eleven

Amazingly enough, I actually see people use them

They aren’t phone booths, though

I would imagine that several different people had that job. I once had the opportunity to talk to the motor coach driver for the “Get er Done” personality while on tour. I got the distinct impression that it was not a long-term job for just one person.

I always assumed that successful bands hired a service to transport them.
The less successful used old hearsts… :smile:
In mine… we drove our cars. We were all in HS. We stunk, but we had fun.

OP was active in another thread

I asked him what the deal was with this particular thread

AFAIK, he hasn’t yet responded

He’s probably not too interested in the answer . . .

Therefore, I don’t know what the point was, in the first place

Reminds me of the bus last tour taken by Buddy Holly in the frozen northland. They didn’t have any mechanics. Didn’t have any heat either. Getting to be close to that time of year again in another month.

@db4690 I was going to see if anyone else was going to answer first it’s only been a few days.

Assuming he means this:

I just read your article

Why do you assume that guy was the the mechanic?