Experience with nice drivers

I thought a discussion with some nice drivers would be nice.

  1. My car flooded out because of high rains.
    A wrecker came by and want $90 to tow me.
    I told him I only had $6.
    He towed me to my house.

  2. When I had my Pinto, my car died on the road.
    A nice “Aggie” crawled under my car and fixed a leaking fuel line.

Many more, but I can not remember them.

My best story of Karma repaying me for my good deeds, bud and I and lady friends on cycles, bad rim patch causes blowout on rear wheel, passenger lady told beginning of ride to red river gorge Ohio from Southern IL if anything happens just be consistent.

Coming back from Red River gorge blowout on rear wheel of bike at 65 mph, immediate brakes, by the time we got down to 35 mph tire flat and flopping from one side of the rim to the other. Brand new tires and tubes but rubber flap protecting tube from metal rim lock had been folded over, metal on tube caused failure. If I had been alone I would have hopped off and barrel rolled in he grass, we brought it to a safe stop, Saturday night of a memorial day weekend.

Me on my Triumph and bud on a BSA, english bike lover stops by, and tell him the story about the blowout, did not know the particulars at that time. He was an alderman who said the towing company owes him a few favors. The towing company towed out a pickup truck, maybe 18 miles of Louisville, towed us to my buds girlfriend friends house who would let us hang out till Tuesday when the cycle shop opened for tire repair. They would not accept a penny for the tow.
Now this was a house of a band emulating the group Weather Report, so the albums were rolling non stop all weekend.
Developed an affinity to the band, but that is my greatest nice driver story.
In case you may have heard them
Heavy Weather

A friend told this story: he married about 1970; they decided to move to Albuquerque (from Iowa) - for no particular reason, just to be somewhere else. They had a '58 Chevy. It broke down, a mechanic in some small burg in Kansas fixed it. He asked how much they could afford. My friend told him true, $10, and the guy took $10.

I am from NYC. I was in Maryland a couple months back. I made a right turn from a side street into a 3-lane blvd, and I had to make a left at the very next light. I simply could not make my turn into the left lane due to traffic. I went into the middle land. But before I even could signal and look for a gap to move into the left lane, the gentleman in the left lane must have read my intention and stopped to let me into the left lane.

Being from NYC, this almost never happens. It’s a very small gesture of courtesy but I appreciated it very much.

Hi, I’m from Maryland and you got lucky. Many times, if you put on your turn signal to move into another lane, people will speed up to cut you off. My wife uses the turn signal and waits for someone to let her in. And waits. And waits. Eventually someone lets her in, but it usually takes a while. Maybe your drive wasn’t during rush hour. It is much worse then.

Other drivers signal me to go ahead quite frequently when it isn’t clear who has the right of way, or slow down and let me into the lane me while merging b/c they are behind me and have better visibility, and that’s always a nice thing. And most drivers avoid the urge to honk when I make a minor mistake, and temporarily block their path for a few seconds, like if I’m not leaving from the red light within 5 seconds after it turns. And when I’m pedestrian it is still pretty common for drivers to stop & let me cross the road at cross walks. I appreciate those simple courtesies, but I have to say they seem to be happening less and less as the years go by.

The best example didn’t happen to me but to my mother years ago. She was driving over a treacherous part of a steep mountain multi-lane road with a very small shoulder during a major snow storm in Colorado and had a flat tire. A man just driving through soon stopped, asked what the problem was, and said “oh, no problem, I’m happy to help” and changed the tire for her. Unfortunately he changed the wrong tire. So he changed it again. In the middle of a huge snow storm. And when my mom offered him $50 for his help, he refused the payment.

Nice story about your mother.

Yesterday, when I was waiting at a stop sign in order to make a left turn from my street to the adjoining county road, a guy in an Odyssey van stopped on the county road, and beckoned to me to make my left turn. It was very nice of him to do that, but in view of the fact that he was almost rear-ended by an approaching car that did not expect to find a stationary vehicle on the other side of the hill, his decision to be nice to me could have been disastrous for him.

I would not recommend stopping in the flow of traffic in order to permit someone to make a left turn in front of you.

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My wife had a flat tire on the Beltway. Her mother and our three daughters were in the van. A few members of a road crew walked up and asked if they could help. They changed the tire for her and were courteous at all times. In case you were wondering, it was indeed a prison road crew.

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The other day I approached a T intersection with an all way stop sign. I was the one about to make a right, and at the other stop sign a taxi arrived about half a second after I did (at 10 o’clock position relative to me). In these situations, usually the one who first arrived goes first. I took a glance at to make sure he was stopped, and I started to make my turn, then I hear a series of loud honks to my left and he’s now coming across the intersection. Then the guy runs the next red light and makes a swerving right turn at the next cross section.

On Sunday, while stopped behind a line of about 7 or 8 cars at a red light, I see this car in front cut across the yellow line to move to the front, into potential traffic coming the other way. Indeed as he approached the light, two cars made right turns from the cross street into the lane he was illegally traveling in. Those cars stopped abruptly, but since the guy had no room to make a left at the intersection, he makes a right into the cross street, which is one-way and one lane only… Judging by the absence of honking or crashing sounds I think luckily for him there was no oncoming traffic in that cross street and he made it to the next intersection. He better have had some legitimate emergency…

Situations like this makes me appreciate most other drivers even if they are just observing driving etiquette.

Experience with nice drivers

I just experienced a nice driver! I played golf this morning and I have to say that Taylor Made driver I use is very nice. Taylor Made describes their new golf clubs, the all new M CGB irons, “a bag full of drivers.” Nice! I can’t wait to “road test” them. :smile: Fore! :open_mouth:

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