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Who makes aftermarket PASSENGER side mirrors?

1994 F150, with the optional “trailer” mirrors.

The passenger side mirror snapped off when I loaned the truck out and the guy tried to fold the mirror inwards by the glass! Long story short, everybody seems to have this mirror in “flat glass” (i.e. driver’s side), but nobody stocks it in convex glass. Ford has ceased stocking this part.

I’m aware I can pass inspection with flat glass, but I have the bed occupied quite a bit, and thus rely on my side mirrors to back up! I need more viewing area than flat glass affords.

The local junkyard is clean out of passenger side mirrors, and anyways the ball-and socket joint that secures the mirror tends to rust out quite a bit (which is why my mirror snapped off, incidentally).

Where do I go from here? An RV store? A place that installs trailer hitches?

Did you check Rockauto? They have several different setups for the right hand side.

Your friendly auto wrecker (“recycler”) will no doubt have a number of used ones available. Try them first, and the price will be reasonable.

@texases: TYVM. Here I go, kicking and screaming, into the online marketplace.

Just curious, How do you see out of a trailer hitch ? :slight_smile:

Get one of the flat glass mirrors and replace the glass with a convex mirror? I see rockauto sells the glass separately.