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Tom and Ray forum post, hunt

Do you think tom and ray ever posted to this forum? If so who would they have been, I mean I can rule out barkydog, as being irregular, but maybe fiber will help, @okwhatever because he she it lives in oklahoma, wes and robert gift are too new, tester could be a possibility, CSA, maybe, Capri racer possibly, mean joe I do not know if our fair city (Cambridge from the show) is in PA, Missin transman, could be same mountainbike, bill russell too new, sgt rock I do not know if they ever served, yosemite is a cheesehead add to the list!

I am Spartacus!!!

I’m Stumped, But It Could Be A Loose Heat Shield.

Ray posts to his own Car Talk forum “Dear Car Talk” … hmm .in a recent post there Ray said he was guessing … so maybe Ray is Tester … lol …