Ray was on "Wait! Wait!"

https://www.npr.org/podcasts/344098539/wait-wait-don-t-tell-me Click on Lance Reddick. Starts around 10:00. He was featured as an example of someone with a Boston accent, and he went on to deny he had such an accent and had worked to get rid of the accent he had. I will say it didn’t sound like him.

It was all tongue in cheek - working to extinguish his accent. I could never tell Tom and Ray apart by listening - but this guy sounded like one of them - and had a Boston accent.

Not to be a smart alec . . .

But I could tell Tommy and Ray apart on the radio

In my opinion, Tommy had the more memorable accent

The only way I differentiated them was Ray, is he the big one? reminded me so much of the rat in beakmans world, can’t find a link, some guy in a rat costume with an east coat accent,

Was good to hear Ray again. Sure would like it if he was on the radio more often.

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Yeah, I’m always disappointed when guests on radio shows phone it in, as I was this time too.

I get it, you don’t want to fly to Chicago to be on the show, but the least you could do is go to a studio or use Skype to improve the sound quality.

Tom was the tall one. Ray was the shorter of the two.