How to Clean a Glove Box?

It turns out you shouldn’t leave half a Toblerone in your glove box when camping in the desert. Now there’s a pool of hardened chocolate etc in the bottom of the glove box. What’s the best & easiest way to clean it? The car wash didn’t want to deal with it short of a complete detailing.

Harden it using ice. It should chip out fairly easy.

Most glove boxes nowadays are actually a device that swings down from the dashboard when it is unlatched. If yours if like this, that means it can be detached from its pivot points, and taken to the kitchen sink or laundry sink for cleaning.

Once at the sink, I would suggest scraping the hardened mass with a plastic putty/spackling knife, followed by a warm water soak–with plenty of dish detergent–followed by several rounds with a dish scrubbing brush, followed by several rinses.

If your glove box is not the type that swings down from the dashboard, then I would suggest that you begin with a plastic putty/spackling knife to remove the hardened mass, followed by some kind of strong spray cleaner.

Out of the car is the best way to clean the most.
Scraping out the mess is the first step. a spoon or paint scraper will do.

WATCH OUT if the ‘box’ portion or tray behind the door is a cardboard composition , cleaning with too much water will destroy it.

With it out you can put it in the freezer.
If it’s plastic or metal, not cardboard, then it can go to the kitchen sink easily.

google Martha Stewart for help.

Tell your parents the truth. They will be so impressed that you were honest with them that they will take care of it for you.

Failing that, go on the internet and seek the advice of crusty old men with too much time on their hands.

Seriously, why do you even have a glove box? I don’t see any mention of gloves in your post. Have a trusted mechanic (not one of those chain places) remove it from your car, as it is undoubtedly sucking mileage from your vehicle.

Thinking outside the box here.

Remove the glove box. Find someone who has a sugar ant problem at their residence. Offer to remove the sugar ants if they allow you to keep the glove box at their residence for a week. Those sugar ants will forget what they where in the place for in the first place once you lay that feast down. Once the sugar ants eat the mess out off the glove box, hand the resider a bottle of Terro sugar ant killer.

Could work!