White smoke smells like raw gas

Hi. My brother and I are trying to figure out why his car is blowing white smoke. It does it from a cold start and when revving the car in neutral. I noticed today it smells like raw gas.

Can it be from running too rich? I thought that would put out black smoke unless it’s a diesel. I’m getting mixed articles on the subject.

If it is too much gas would you automatically check the fuel injectors? Could it be the pump.

Thanks for any advice.

You don’t say what year the RAV4 is, but on a 2017, a bad fuel pressure regulator can cause white smoke with a gas smell.


It’s a 2003

If the car is otherwise behaving well, and not consuming fluids other than gasoline, I’d forget it. “Do not go looking for trouble, for you will surely find it”.

It is idling low and I think the timing chain tensioner is bad, but that’s another story. It also makes a weird cyclical noise which sounds like its coming from a lower pulley. It’s hard to hear, but increases as you accelerate.

Stop running the engine.

Pull the oil dipstick out.

Is the oil level high, and does the oil smell like gas?

If so, the fuel injection pressure damper has failed.


It might be a little high. We haven’t really been running the car since changing the fuel. I think it kind of smells like gas. I’m going to ask someone with a better nose to check