White Tailpipe Smoke and Gas Smell

Hello, I have an 93 Camry with 150k miles. When I start the car in the morning, the RPM’s wont stay steady and rise/fall. White smoke comes out of the tailpipe and I get a strong smell of gas while it idles in the garage. After the car, warms up for 5 mins or so, it drives fine.

What do you think I should do about this? Im just using the car around town. I am not sure if its a major problem or just something older cars do…

Thanks for any info you can give!


Two things can cause this. Leaky fuel injectors or a leaking fuel pressure regulator. Check the fuel pressure regulator first. This is located on the fuel rail. It’s a small canister with a single vacuum hose attached. Remove the vacuum hose from the regulator, and if gas leaks out of this connection the regulator requires replacement. If the regulator checks out fine, then the next thing to check are the injectors.