2001 toyota rav4


i have a 2001 rav 4 with less than 50,000 miles on it. no problems really except that when i start it, it occasionally blows out a billow of grey smoke. i service it regularly & have to admit i’m a stop & go driver. any ideas?




[b]You might want to have the vehicle checked out to determine if there’s fuel leaking into the engine as the vehicle sits. This could be from a leaking fuel pressure regulator or one or more injectors.

Grey smoke on a cold start-up usually indicates raw fuel is being vaporized.



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Do you mean some greyish smoke comes out of the tailpipe on colder mornings, and then disappears after a few minutes of driving, once the vehicle has warmed up?

If so, then it’s just water vapour in the exhaust that is condensing in the cold exhaust pipe. Once the exhaist warms up, the vapour can’t condense anymore, and your “smoke” disappears. It’s entirely normal, and nothing to worry about.