Trying to find out why Rav4 is smoking on startup

Hi my brother just got a 2003 Rav4 2wd with about 140,000 miles. It runs good but he just noticed white smoke for a minute or so when starting the first time each day, It didn’t smell sweet to me, but I have a horrible since of smell.

We tested it with Royal blue this morning and it didn’t turn yellow.

The PCV valve was stuck wide open so we swapped it out last night. This morning it still blew white smoke. It’s hose had oil in it also.

All four pistons were around 180 psi when we tested them dry.

We just swapped out the valve cover gasket. I think it was a little loose. The rubber seal was oily and the two center valve cover bolts were loose.

I should also mention I think it had the wrong coolant. It was yellow and I’m pretty sure it should be pink/red. There was also a build up of red gunk on the insulated hose connected to the valve cover. It looked like coagulated transmission fluid.

Any ideas where to check next. I’m hoping it was the PCV valve. I’ve seen youtube videos of the same condition that went away after the valve was replaced. Thank you.

The engine is a 2.0 litre .

It could be head gasket seepage.
It could be valve guide seals.
Make sure the port and hose for the PCV valve are clear and getting vacuum.
I would watch the coolant and oil levels and drive on.

Thanks for the response. Would the Royal Blue head gasket leak test not catch a seeping head gasket?

I just realized that the block tester was made by Napa. Not Royal Blue

Could be condensation…what is the weather like in your area?

around 80 and dry in the morning