White Smoke from Hood

I have a 2006 Acura TL, with approximately 60,000 miles on it. Last night, upon returning from a 60-mile highway drive, I pulled into the driveway and suddenly smelled something that smelled like burning oil in the front seat.

This morning when I drove it to breakfast, within five minutes, it was doing the same thing. By the light of day, I could see that white smoke was coming from the passenger’s side of the hood, the corner closest to the windshield. When I looked under the hood, it was difficult to spot the exact origin of the smoke; it just seemed generally to be coming from behind the transversal engine.

The engine heat indicator is at a normal temperature. I change my oil pretty regularly, every 3000 to 5000 miles.

Is there some hose that would be carrying oil external to the engine that could be leaking? Or would this be some kind of a bad gasket? Or could this be some kind of other brake/power steering fluid? Other data points:

1. No fluids appear to have leaked below the car, where it was parked.

2. Had brakes serviced a month ago, during which they would have flushed the brake fluid.

3. I used to have a whiny power steering pump in the cold weather. I refilled with the duly-approved Honda power steering fluid. Didn’t stop the whine. But don’t hear it in warm weather.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I relatively knowledgeable, but hate going into a mechanic with no clues.

The fact that you can see the smoke (on several occasions)from whatever is leaking (power steering fluid really smokes up white) after it contacts something hot indicates your car has a major problem. So you can go to the mechanic prepared to be told you have a major problem and when it turns out minor (like a leaking oil pressure sending unit) you can be pleasently relieved.

I don’t know how everything is arranged in this engine compartment, but check for oil leaking onto an exhaust component. The valve covers is a common leak point and is usually oriented in such a way that it might leak onto the exhaust manifold.

Dealership says that 2006 TLs had the hose to the power steering pump placed too close to the exhaust manifold, so it was a recall. While I was there at the dealership, I overheard another service coordinator talking with another 06 TL owner about the same thing. Pretty common apparently.

Not sure if the fix is a “better” hose of some sort, rerouting of hose, or just heat shielding. I am sure they’re going to upsell me on something, while I’m there, but the loaner car is sweet.