Smoking Acura

My 97 Acura 2.5 TL with 200,000 miles, was leaking oil heavily but drivable by constantly adding oil. The other day it began smoking badly while driving. What could be the problem and is she salvageable?

Need a LOT more information.

What do you mean by smoking??? Blue smoke from the tailpipe…Or smoke under the hood. Where wat the oil leak??? How much oil were you putting in weekly/monthly???

Were there any other symptoms along with the smoke, such as rough running, loss of power, funny noises, etc? What color was the smoke, and where was it coming from?

Grey or whitish smoke from the tailpipe. There was a loss of power. Eventually, it came back to driving speed so we could get it a couple more blocks which was home. It was the ton of smoke at first but then it subsided some. It was running very rough also. No specific noises. The smoke smells like oil. We were putting another quart every couple of days. Not sure exactly where it was leaking but the driveway is a mess. We are thinking seal or oil pump??

Take it to a trusted mechanic and see what is happening. It could simply be a leaky seal or something more severe. We cannot fathom any sort of guess. Its salvageble but for how much and is it worth it on an old Acura, likely no.