White Smoke and Loss of Power

I have a 97 Honda Accord lx. I have had problems in the past with it just shuting off and not staying idle without giving it gas constantly. I ended up taking off some hose that my friend put on to try to turn the check engine light off. He is a mechanic and said it was suppose to be there.

The car started to over heat one day, but was not smoking or showing any signs to pull over so i just drove the last mile home cautiously. I found out that I was leaking coolent.

I took it to a mechanic and he did a pressure test on the radiator to find the leak. It ended up just being a clip to tighten a hose going into the heater.

When I left the shop I had a problem keeping the car running again. I had to keep putting on the gas to keep it from shutting off. Plus heavy white smoke started coming out of the tale pipe and hasnt stoped. The smoke smells like oil. then it started to loss power.

When i looked under the hood it looks like oil was seeping out of the engine and running down.

Im not really sure what this is. the car doesn’t over heat at all…

The white smoke that smells like oil out the tail pipe combined with loss of power really sounds like a mechanical problem with the engine, not good. But then you say oil leakage out of the engine running down,maybe hope. Identify this oil leakage source exactly,dont know about a hose that turns out the CEL must be a terminolgy mixup. Post back with oil leakage source

is the smoke coming out of the tail pipe? if it is it could be the oil pump cloged or just bad.

White smoke from exhaust = head gasket failure.

If you continue to drive it under these conditions you will ruin the engine if you haven’t already.

I’m with Willey on this one. It sure sounds like continuing the drive the car when it was overheating warped the head and/or blew a headgasket.

I’d stop drivig it until you have this properly diagnosed. You may still be able to mitigate the damage.

yes but it was like two days after the over heating that this happend… IM still thinking head gasket but why did it take so long for all this to happen. And its really funny that all of this (white smoke, loss of power, and shaking of engine)happen right after the mechanic put pressure into the radiator to find the leak. could this have busted a line and caused a leak in the engine. So right now im guessing head gasket or maybe rings on the pistons.

If a simple pressure test caused the head gasket to blow, it was 99 and 44/100% gone already, and would have blown the next time you drove the car, so the point is moot.

Before you even start the car again, pull out the dipstick and examine the oil. If it looks like a coffee milkshake or has disgusting globs of gooey stuff on it, coolant has entered the crankcase, and the engine is likely severely damaged.

Willey: I was also thinking head gasket at first,but the OP said the white smoke smelled of oil,makes me think

well when you look at the engine you can see oil that has seeped out of the head of the engine on both sides and runs down…

My guess is that the head warped and its subsequent reduction of compression at one specific point (or more) allowed the exploding combustion gasses the blow through the head gasket.

IM really consered about the cost to fix what ever may be the problem… does any one know how much it will cost to put a new head gasket in or anything else of what they think it might be???

not cheap, about 600 at a shop. not likely rings unless the smoke is blue. if you have that much oil in the combustion chamber and oil seeping out of the engine, its probably the oil pump, if the oil isnt flowing right throu the motor its probably building pressure and causing it to seep were it can. i had the same problem in a car and thought it was the head gasket, nope. glogged screen on the oil pump. good luck.

Do you mean head instead of hood?