Acceleration Noise Thru Speaker

As I accelerate, I hear a whistling noise thru my radio speaker… the faster I go, the louder the noise.

You have alternator whine.

Here’s a really good article on car audio and how to eliminate unwanted noises.

Note: This is pretty common in factory sound setups (though it’s becoming less common as factories figure out that people want good audio). It’s usually caused by poor grounding of the stereo.

thank you very much - it certainly sounds like this is the problem, but i’m definitely not the right one to physically test or repair it… off to the shop it goes.

Ouch. Be very sure that you know up front what they’re going to charge you to fix this. This could end up being a lot more expensive than you think, especially if the guy at the shop doesn’t know how to do it.

I also recommend taking it to a locally-owned audio shop - not Best Buy or the like. Some Best Buy installers are pretty good, but I’ve also seen them absolutely destroy the interior of cars they’ve worked on.

I’m hoping since most everything in my car is warrantied by the dealership for 5 years (part of my purchasing negotiations :slight_smile: that this problem will be as well. Thank you very much!