Whistling Sound When Car is Either shifting gears and or accelerating

So I notice a whistle sound with my car whenever I drive it specially when accelerating and at speeds more than 30kph. You can hear it clearly with open windows. It almost sound like a tea pot boiling but the difference is you hear it recurrently and on intervals. Can anyone help me diagnose this noise?

Sounds like wind noise. If something moves out of place slightly such as a peice of trim etc it can create a small gap that air can pass through as you drive which creates the noise you described

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Not really it’s coming from under the hood…

In that case, there is almost surely a vacuum leak.
If you can’t trace it yourself, then you have no choice but to take the car to a competent mechanic.

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They always say they don’t hear anything abnormal… I don’t know… Maybe I try different 1

Some mechanics have suffered high-frequency hearing loss as a result of their work, and it is very possible that they can’t hear the noise that you hear.

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Get a friend to help you. Open the hood and have your friend start the car. Listen under the hood for the noise. If you can’t hear it, have your friend increase the RPMs to about 5000 with the transmission in park or neutral. Do you hear it how? If not, have them increase the RPMs to about 4000 and listen again. If you can’t hear it, the problem might be in the transmission. If you did hear it, try to locate the source. Don’t touch anything, the moving parts could hurt you, or you might be burned. Also, no loose clothing or loose hair that might get caught in the serpentine belt.

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How true that is. I’ve had a very short stint on auto repair, but a long time surrounded by noise. My boss would have me test drive for sounds. The noise to me always came from the right side of the car. (That’s my good ear). I’d get back and disassemble the right side only to find the problem on the left. Now I bring a set of young ears along for the ride.

So I wanted to post the video here from my Iphone but it is not working.