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Whirling noise in silverado 1500

I have a 2003 silverado extend cab. This truck has seen better days. After I bought it I learned it was rolled over on it’s left side. That I do not think is here nor there. But maybe I am wrong. over the last year I have heard a whirling noise, I think from the front end. I can’t exactly place where it is coming from. It gets louder with speed but only in dips in the road or when the road bears to the left. I thought it to be the right front wheel bearing/hub I replaced it with a new one and the noise is still there. When making right bends in the road the noise is all but gone. The truck is a 4WD and has around 85000 miles. any ideas. Oh I also have a pesky MIL code P0446, can’t seem to find the cause for that one yet either.

PO446 is a EVAP vent problem, likely at the fuel filler pipe, or perhaps a faulty purge valve. (this vents fuel fumes into the air plenum to be burned up)

How are the condition of your tires, pressure? It could likely be anything since it has been rolled, possibly the ring and pinion was damaged during the incident? It’s going to be difficult to track this one down. But, you can have reputable transmission/gear shop check the runout and specs of your front diff. for a relativly low price. Good luck.

have you replaced the EVAP canister vent hose assembly? That is a common solution for that code, however please read this web about how to fix it by cleaning the valve.