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Steering Noise

I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 HD and it makes a squealing noise when I steer to the right or left.

I greased the steering joints and changed the steering fluid and it still squeals.

It’s not a thumping noise but similar to rubber squealing. The tires are inflated correctly. Can anyone help please before any damage occurs. Thanks much!!

Is it making the noise as you turn the steering wheel or when the car is moving around the corner? Did you use the fluid recommended by Chevy? Is it at the correct level?

Can you make it squeal by turning the wheel when it’s sitting stationary? If you can, pop the hood, stick your head under, have a friend turn the wheel, and see where it’s coming from. Pick up a can of “belt dressing” for a few bucks at the parts store, and when it starts sqealing “dress” the belt to see if it stops. If it does, replacethe belt(s).

A Spritz Of Belt Dressing May Be Alright On A V-Belt, But I Wouldn’t Try It If That Power Steering Runs Off A Serpentine Belt. I’d Mist A Little Water On It From A Spray Bottle To See If The Sound Changes.


Thanks to all for your suggestions. I will give them a try.
It’s so great to know there are nice people out there…

Trust me, its a glazed pump pulley, or belt. Might even be a belt tensioner problem. Being very careful, spray a little bit of WD-40 on the contact side of the belt (Or use “Belt-ese”). Then, by all means, replace the problem area: belt or tensioner or pulley(s).
Honestly, the real problem is that GM hasn’t made a good product since 1976 because they have been pre occupied with the overhead caused by greedy unions. Ford makes a far more superior product, so does Daimler Chrysler. And, Ram trucks retain value very, very well. Get rid of the piece of crap before it nickles and dimes you to the poor house.