Silverado, noise in the rear of truck and tires spinning

2002 2wd silverado w/110K. I’ll do my best to describe noise but it’s tough! It definelty is coming from rear and sounds like coins rattling. It’s not a whine or squealing noise to me. It sounds like a couple of loose coins rolling around in a tube. Any ideas what that could be. I’ve checked tires and brakes and they are all good, all 4. Another thing it’s been doing may or may not be related but whenever pulling out back tires spin before truck actually moves. I’m not gassing it or trying to make tires spin…they spin regardless of how heavy or light I press gas. I know it’s a rear wheel drive truck but it’s not always done this. All help appreciated.

I Was Waiting For Somebody Else To Handle This One, But I Guess I Have To Kick It Off. Do You Have Any Other Symptoms Or Idiosyncrasies For Us?

I know you’ve “checked” the tires and brakes, but . . .

How about this one? Does this truck track straight ahead without pulling or wandering to the right or left?

This one? Do the brakes work well without making the truck pull right or left?

What about this? Do the tires have unusual wear patterns or are they worn evenly or not at all?

How are the rear springs, u-bolts, and spring shackles? Is the rear axle firmly attached to the leaf springs? Anything jiggling or dangling there?

Drive shaft and universal joints are OK?


The rear U joint might be bad, but that doesn’t explain the tires spinning.

Pull the cover on the diff, there MAY be a broken gear tooth in there.