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Truck engine whine with acceleration or revving, was told it's normal but sounds loud (supercharger type whine)

I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado. Supercharger type whine all the time while In 1-2 gear then goes away or maybe not noticeable at higher speeds. Numerous people said it’s normal but sounds like it’s not. I sometimes hear other chevys with the same type whine but not common

Is it a manual transmission? If so the intermediate idler may be giving you a warning.

automatic 4L60e

What you might be hearing is the transmission pump whining.

Look it up.


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I took it to transmission shop, they said the tranny was fine, serviced it didn’t say anything about the noise

Does this truck have a cooling fan clutch? If so that could be it and needs to be replaced.

If you read the OP’s original post, they state the transmission isn’t shifting right.


Truck felt sluggish and worked harder to shift into second sometimes to a hard shift at lower speeds. Shifts smoother when give it more gas off a idle. Thought it was a tranny problem, took it into local transmission shop, they said they were stumped on the problem…checked fluid which said was great looking, checked the pressure which was fine, shifted through all gears, the pan was clean. They thought could have been plugged cats or something fuel related. One week later check engine light came on and got a code for throttle body. Cleaned it and seemed to help a little but still doing same stuff accasionally. Thinking it could be faulty and should try a new tb?

Don’t think this problem goes with the high pitch noise in engine but could it possibly be related? It’s just weird that all the mechanics and people I talked to said it’s normal but just seems loud and not normal