Whinning noise

My 2003 Explorer makes an audible whinning noise when I press the gas peddle. It disappears when I take my foot off the gas. It is not loud and is easily drowned out by the radio (my fix so far).

I have squeeky breaks which are noisy but fine (I’ve had them checked and rechecked).

I’m no gear head so any assistance is appreciated.

does the noise change pitch as rpm increases or decreases?

off hand you should take this to a mechanic and have them listen to it. it may be something simple like a belt tensioner, or a bearing going bad on the AC, steering, or alternator. but more info is needed.

thanks…thought I’d take a shot…

yeah, the general consensus from the boys at work is to check the belts.

does the noise change pitch as rpm increases or decreases?

I’m not sure about pitch, but it gets louder, or more noticible at higher rpms.

Are your kids in the back seat? I have a lot of whining noise in my car too.

have you opened the hood and listened while it is running?

a serpentine belt would be due at the age of your vehicle. has that ever been changed? if it is not the belt, then check the other moving parts.

you can usually get an idea where the noise is coming from if you open up the hood, and listen. do you have a wooden stick about 2’ long, use that to place against the engine, parts, then put your ear next to the other end to listen for any sounds. (you would be surprised how well this works!, sort of like a stethoscope)

just dont put the stick on any rotating parts. typically the ends of the AC compressor, the ends of the alternator, and the center (non turning) bolt of the idler pulley are good places to start.

when the hood is open the noise(whine) is louder. But, neither myself or the the other yahoos I work with can pin point the noise.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the serpentine though as that is usually more expensive to replace!

…I’m supposed to start a vacation (8 hr drive) starting in 2 days, can getting this checked wait until I return?