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Whining Touareg

I have a 2004 V6 VW Touareg. I love the car except for one time of year, when it gets really hot out. For the past 3 summers when the temperature gets in the high 80s the car starts to whine or screech at certain times when I am driving the car. Usually going over railroad tracks or rough patches in the road. Going over another bump or coming to a complete stop often stops the sound until I go over another bump. I have had the car into the local VW dealer 3 times to have it looked at…and well I have decided they think I am insane…because of course it NEVER happens for them. Supposebly they drive the car for a while and over bumps…and it doens’t happen for them. I even went so far to record the sound on my blackberry. From what I can tell the sound is only inside the car not outside, because no one stops and stares at me as I drive by them. Since this whining is starting to drive me insane, I finally took the Touareg to a local mechanic. The car tried to pull the same thing by not making the whining sound until he drove it back and forth over railroad tracks 5 times…then it finally started. The mechanic informed me that as soon as he drove the car into his shop the whining stopped, so there was no way to to find out what is going on. HE said he looked over everything, but didn’t see anything in the braking system or the axel that appeared to be rubbing. His response…wait until it gets worse. My response…it has been 3 years and it is not getting worse, it is just driving me insane and it needs to be fixed or I need a new car. Please help with ideas!

If it’s just inside the car, are you sure it isn.t your stereo? I say this because I have a friend with a toyota that does that in high temps only.

If you are sure that the noise can only be heard inside the car, then it is logical to rule out the brakes, axles, belts, tensioners, etc.

As was said, this is more likely to be coming from the audio system or perhaps even the HVAC system.