Car whine


I have a wierd problem with my 2005 Subaru Forrester. Occasionally, and almost always on a hot day after it’s been sitting in a hot parking lot, it will have a high pitched whine when I reach highway speed…it sounds as if it’s coming from the vacinity of deep inside one of the front A/C vents. Nothing I do changes it…I’ll cut the A/C off, cut the blower off, turn the recirc. on and off,and generally bang on things! The one thing that does affect the sound will be a sudden gust of outside air…it will waver the whine slightly then go back to it’s usual pitch. The other interesting thing is that after about 10-15 min. at highway speed, the sound will gradually come and go, then subside completely. This sound NEVER happens in the morning when I go to work(when it’s cool outside) and almost ALWAYS happens after work when it’s been sitting in a hot parking lot. This persistent whine is nerve wracking and I’m thinking of trading it…the Subaru dealer has no clue. If it’s outside air rushing in,why only in hot weather? Anybody got any ideas??

Thanks…Tom D.


Everything expands in the higher temperatures. Somewhere there is a seal that is moving slightly, allowing an air leak.

The passenger door on my Legacy has a persistent air leak that I’ve been unable to locate precisely. I can’t make it stop, and have more or less learned to live with it.