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Steering noise in Honda Odyssey

I have been having problems with a loud whining noise when I steer in cold weather (approx 35 degrees F) and only after the car has warmed up. Now, before everyone tells me about the Honda Service bulletin addressing this problem, I will tell you I had the Power Steering resevoir replaced at 65K miles, per the service bulletin. However, the problem came BACK after another 35K on the van. The dealership then replaced the inlet pipe O-ring on the power steering pump which ended up NOT fixing the problem. So I still have a fairly new power steering resevoir, a new O-ring AND the loud whine. Am I doomed to replace this every 35K miles or is there some other problem that is buried deeper than the PS resevoir?? Please help. (And I promise, the loud whine you hear really is coming from the van…but soon I might be joining it.)

Why were they looking at anything other than the PS pump? Pumps are known to whine when they go bad…in fact that is their most prominent sympton…could just have been a defective PS pump from the get go…not common but possible.

Also air causes this whining as well…Hmmm maybe thats the logic behind the new O-ring…since that O-ring didnt fix it then it isnt or isnt likely to be getting air in anymore, but it could have gotten air in during diagnosis…Try the bleeding procedure first if this doesnt help then it would be the PS pump again.

Try to bleed your PS system first before condemning the PS pump…turn the wheel fully left and then fully right to stop point…do it a few x…this will bleed your system of any air that may be in there. SInce this is something you dont actually do on a normal basis…this might make it go away by bleeding any air out of the system.

I’m assuming the power steering fluid is at the correct level and it’s Honda power steering fluid.

I had good luck once with Lube-Gard power steering fluid additive that quieted down a noisy power steering pump.

Thanks for the info. Yes, there did seem to be air in the line - you can see bubbles in the steering fluid resevoir when the noise is the loudest. I will try bleeding the system the next time I hear it and let you know. I too am concerned about the pump - but when they replaced the resevoir, the problem did go away for until it resurfaced 35K miles later.

It you are getting air in the lines then you likely have a leak. You can get leaks too small to pass fluid but large enough to pass air - so then the pump keeps sucking air in.

You might also check out the bottom of the fluid reservoir for a filter screen. Many have them and they can get clogged up over time & make for a noisy pump.