Free 'Put Down Your Phone and Drive' bumper sticker

I created the attached image which can be printed on card stock and placed in your rear window for all to see. If you have a commercial printer friend if you like you could even get it printed on full sheet label stock, cut it down and put it on your bumper. Here in PA both neighboring states of NJ and De have distracted driving laws but the lawmakers in Harrisburg are dragging their feet for whatever reason. But if you want to ride your motorcycle helmut-less and risk destroying your head on pavement or between other inflexible objects and are ok with insurance premiums going up then Pennsylvania’s your place!


It makes me mad too but I was trying to phrase it such that the average a-hole wouldn’t respond with the typical “f-you I’ll do what I want” attitude.

Personally, I don’t care for creating blind spots or distractions in a rear window.

@deckm00 I used to try and be the nice guy all the time, but It has proven counter productive to try and be nice to people whose mind is made up in spite of the facts and those same people are vindictive cruel and heartless. I have no more patience for them~

one more bumper sticker and my truck will look like a…Prius :wink: